Monday, May 25, 2015

How to mess with the color-blind - Gift ideas

If you can read what is written inside the color circle, you are color blind

There are some things colorblind people can't see. But it's not like they cannot see you if you wear a green shirt or something like that. Here are some images that the (red-green)colorblind cannot read.
That means protanopes and deuteranopes cannot read what is written on these images.

The colorblind are good people
There are t-shirts with the following image.

Are you colorblind. Then the above image says nothing.

There is another image which is supposedly visible ONLY to the colorblind, but it seems to be very difficult to read even for those who are colorblind. Apparently, there is a NO on it if you look hard enough.
Can you read what it says ? No ? Yes ? You mean No ?

But I'll show you an image which really is very easy to read for the colorblind. Only the colorblind can see the following two images.

Can you read this too ? What does it say ?

If you can read this, you are color blind. High Five !

There are so many gag gifts for the color blind. The following T-shirt image, though, is a reverse gag because the text inside the heart can be read by the colorblind also.

The colors are wrong. Everyone finds it difficult to read.

Gift a Rubik's cube. That will make them happy. Or not.

Color Blind and non-ColorBlind see different numbers here

Color Blind and non-ColorBlind see different numbers here

How to Make a secret message of your own that your colorblind friends can't see ?

Use Steven's ColorBlinder website. Or iOS app if you want it offline.

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