Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enter The Facebook September 2009 $1000 Giveaway Now!

This looks like a fake link, maybe just a spam, but could be a scam too.

I hope u know what facebook is - its a social networking website which is currently one of the most popular ones among college students.

It allows you to share links too, in your newsfeed to your friends.

Well, this one link came up in my friendfeed and it looked suspicious.
It promises to give u a chance at $1000 for just giving them ur name and email address.

Once u give it a name and email address, it emails u to confirm that the email account is working.

And gives u a congratulatory message saying that u won.

It also asks u to post the link to your facebook newsfeed.

But until now, I don't think it tried to steal my password or anything.

More updates later.

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