Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Say no to reservation

The policy of the politicians to divide and rule to gain votes is clearly brought out through the reservation quota being increased to a staggering 49.5%. This is definitely cutting off the seats available to normal people born into a socially disadvantaged non-reserved class. One must realize that the Open Category seats allow everyone – SC, ST, OBC, anyone – to gain admission based on their merit. There is a myth in many minds that removing or reducing reservation means that doors are closed to the ‘backward’ classes. It only opens the door wider to include the now disadvantaged non-reserved class. The perfect strategy is to reserve seats in coaching institutions for ‘backward’ classes so that they can develop the merit themselves and compete like the rest of the country to gain their rightful place. Remember – Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day and maybe beg for free fish everyday. But teach a man to fish and he can fish to earn his living. Provide coaching at primary school level , develop the skill and let everyone compete at an equal level.

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