Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Creation

artwork copyright Joe Tucciarone

I really didn't think I'd make a blog. But finally its done. I had always thought that I'd just keep making websites that would not be updated every now and then but just made and left.

This blog , I now understand is based on a different principle - an online diary , a place to put up ones ideas and thought or 'Fundas' as I'd like to call them. I hope this one doesn't go forgotten after this very first post. Anyway check out my website . It's actually redirected to . Also see . And my email address is john da fun da @ h ot m ail . com (without the spaces ) .There is no space in that - its just a funda to fool any mass mailing softbot that hunts for email ids. Anyways, time to log off. See ya soon . (If anyone reads this , that is )

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