Friday, July 18, 2008

Batpod - 2 wheeler batmoto for the Dark Knight is not an iPod

Batman had a really cool car tank in Batman Begins. The cops couldn't even begin to describe it as they tried to alert that a black ... tank thingie was speeding.
It's called the Tumbler, by the way. Built for making temporary bridges during war.

Now that the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight" has been released, wouldn't you want to see what's new.

Here it is - the BatPod.

Its not anything like the iPod - the BatPod doesn't play mp3 or shuffle. But it also doesn't require iTunes.

Its an awesome bike that comes out as an escape(? does the batman need to escape) pod from theTumbler (the tank thingie)

Susan Carpenter of the Times described the bike with "engines [in] the hubs of each wheel... there are shields that fit each arm like sleeves and have the ability to rotate around the bike's frame. The two foot pegs are set 3 1/2 feet apart on either side of the tank, which the rider lies on, belly down."

If you have noticed, whenever batman needs more control or to shoot from his Tank thingie (Tumbler), he slides into the front part, belly down. This is exactly how he rides the BatPod.
Not the iPod !
Besides his extreme wealth and dedication to wiping out mob crime in Gotham, there's nothing super about Bruce Wayne—and that might make him the most gear-loaded superhero of all time. Although it's not Caped Crusader style to resort to guns (modded goggles and body armor get more screen time in The Dark Knight), you have to fight fire with fire when The Joker's packing heat. So the Bat-Pod joins the legion of gun-toting movie motorcycles with .50-cal. machine guns and 40 mm cannons built directly into its framework. Then the bike one-ups them with its pneumatically launched grappling hooks, which flip an 18-wheeler over in one key shootout.

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