Friday, February 24, 2006

Terms and conditions and other blah blah blah ;-)

I will put up lots of ideas that I get in this blog. You are free to add your comments on them - whether u think they will work, whether they r really necessary, ur ideas added to mine, ... anything. Remember, I,m not responsible for anything that happens to u or anyone else because you read my blog. If at all u plan to use any of my ideas, do contact me- thru the guest book at My website ( or or (redirection service))

The Ultimate Rememberall for people whom u r supposed to remember but keep forgetting.

Wait I almost forgot that I had an idea. Well here it is. First u upload a database of all the people u r supposed to remember along with their photos. Then u need a program that can search thru photos to match a face in a new photo to that in the database. I really think it exists. I'm just not 100% sure. It can just store a database of the facial features (eye to eye distance, nose shape or something,...) or high tech like iris pattern (u know, in scifi movies, that exists too) Finally, whwn u see someone u know but u don't know who it is, u whip out ur camera mobile and start shooting(oh, u need that too). Send the photos via GPRS to ur top secret database & get the identification immediately. Now that's a rememberall.

Procrastination is reaaallly the thief of time !!!!

I finally decided that putting off something that has to be done today really puts it off for a really long time. For example , posting an entry in this blog. How many times I would have thought - "Now I'll just have enough time to check my mail. I'll blog that wonderful idea tomorrow. Anyway I'll check my mail tomorrow." This went on for quite a long time, I can assure you. For reference check my previous (first, actually) blog posting. For a remedy, I'll need to have an electronic organiser on my mobile(or cell - can't call it just a phone now - those things have everything in them) which decides what to do at what particular time determined in a scientific manner. Now I will sit down and meditate on this thought. Adios! Lots to study too! \P. S. - I didn't have time for this blog so I copied this post from another one of my blogs.


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