Friday, May 29, 2015

How to make an Ambigram - a few Ambigram creator apps, websites and software

An Ambigram is a word or symbol which looks different when seen from different directions or perspectives. You might have seen ambigrams in the logos of certain companies, or as plot devices in certain books like "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. In that book, the Illuminati has several ambigrams for the elements of nature.

Robert Langdon, the protagonist in the book, is named after John Langdon, a famous ambigram artist.

Some ambigrams are to be viewed upside-down, some are to be seen in a mirror.
All these ambigrams make for cool tattoos or even just a logo to print on your stuff.
Use a mirror to see this right and wrong ambigram reverse

You can make an ambigram of your own name or of someone you love using these ambigram creator softwares and apps. They will not be as good as the human made ones, but you can get a rough skeleton to start with. Or you could ask for a paid, personalized ambigram in their requests section.
Mirror Ambigram

List of free ambigram makers

Hope you make some good ambigrams.

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