Monday, April 20, 2009

Google for Indian Lok Sabha Elections 2009-Informed Voter!

Google has released a portal page for information about the Indian Lok Sabha elections 2009.

It is in association with several partners, with Google playing the middleman as always.

  • Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)
  • Hindustan Times
  • Indicus Analytics
  • Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy (JCCD)
  • Liberty Institute
  • PRS Legislative Research

here is the link

Be an Informed voter - and VOTE for Chirst's sake , VOTE !!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nokia E63 business mobile for the budget professional (or e55?)

I was thinking of buying a new mobile phone and e63 looks perfect for the price. An e71 would be better but costs more.

What about e65 which costs about the same as an e63 - wat is the difference between them ?

Can anybody clarify for me. Especially with regard to support of software - symbian .sis , java .jar, flash .flv and what versions.

The new, yet to be released e55 looks promising too, but should I wait ?

The e55 pictures

Inspired by Messaging

Today, mobile professionals need to manage their business and personal information, and connect with clients, colleagues, family and friends. Whether it’s a quick text message or a detailed email with attachments, this stylish, all-in-one device helps you get things done when and where it matters most.

Business Benefits

  • Collaborate and communicate ideas with advanced messaging SMS, MMS, and business class email like Mail for Exchange.
  • Full messaging keyboard, dedicated email key, and an intuitive user set-up combined on a single device.
  • Manage your work and leisure with one device; toggle between two customizable home screens that let you select the applications you need most.
  • Keeps employees organized with dedicated keys for calendar and contacts, online file sharing and dedicated secure access to the company intranet.
  • Achieve greater productivity and customer satisfaction, when used with Nokia Call Connect for Cisco and Alcatel, by automatically routing both office and mobile business calls to Nokia Eseries devices.

  • Email that’s right for your business — easy email set-up, a dedicated email key, and a full QWERTY keyboard, the Nokia E63 is tailored for the mobile professional. Multiple business email options include Mail for Exchange (Microsoft ActiveSync), SEVEN Always-On-Mail, Visto Mobile, as well as POP3 and IMAP4 for personal email including Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

  • World leading messaging experience — supports multiple messaging solutions including IM, SMS and MMS, with intelligent text input – auto-completion, auto-correction, and learning capability for fast and easy typing

  • Integrated productivity tools — including personal information management applications, Nokia Calendar for Eseries and Nokia Contacts for Eseries; and integrated Office applications — view and edit presentations, spreadsheets, and other documents with Quickoffice, Zip manager and PDF viewer

  • Secure Intranet connection — via mVPN, with a dedicated intranet application that allows you to access company intranet

  • Advanced voice features — including integrated speakerphone, conference calling, voice dialing, voice recorder, voice controls and message reader—make calls handsfree, listen to messages instead of reading them, and record meeting notes or important conversations

  • Multiple high-speed connection methods — with quad-band Enhanced General Packet Radio Service (EGPRS), 3G, WLAN and Bluetooth™ and USB 2.0 EDR; WLAN wizard for fast, reliable access to corporate information systems and low—cost VoIP calls

  • Built-in security — enhanced protection of sensitive corporate information with integrated security features such as device lock, remote lock, device and memory card encryption

  • Easy device data transfer — move email, personal data, applications and information from one compatible device to another via Bluetooth™. or USB 2.0 connection

  • Memory to spare — up to 110 MB of built-in memory, with support for up to 8 GB hot-swappable microSD cards

  • Streamlined interface — navigate easily with the Navi™ key and One Touch keys to the calendar, contacts, email application, and the device home screen; LED indicator light notifies you immediately when you have new email, SMS or MMS messages

  • Enhanced display — landscape 2.4” display for viewing the rich content in emails, internet: photos, videos etc.

  • On-board entertainment — built-in MP3 player, FM radio, 3.5 mm audio plug

  • Integrated digital image & video capture - 2.0 megapixel camera with flash, flash can be used as a flashlight

  • Optimal mobile Internet experience — Nokia Web browser with Mini Map lets you view web pages as they’re meant to be seen; full QWERTY keyboard that provides outstanding means for utilizing mobile Internet; keep your Facebook profile up to date; use LinkedIn for creating connections; update blogs and Wiki’s and share thoughts in the internet

Do help me select the best budget e series phone for me. Write your comments below ...

Review of - a site that compares web hosting services

Continuing on the topic of making your own website . . .

Buying Hosting Space

Once you have bought a domain name for yourself, and are ready to start building your site(which could be long after you bought the domain name), you need to know what the best deals available are, for buying a good hosting plan.

to buy to not to buy

Of course, if you are a small time blogger or want to start small, most of you would choose the free service of Google Sites and Blogger. Or (which is an excellent Free Host without ads, the catch being , you have to keep posting in their forums for all eternity if you want to keep your site running) FriHost is a good thing and more people should be doing stuff like what Bondings is doing over there. Astahost is a similar sevice, but I don't like the environment there.

Most other need to get a paid hosting solution, which is obviously more reliable than free ones (and is ad-free). In the end peace of mind is worth the cost.

And the Price is right

That is when you will need to look at reviews of hosting services, to know what is the best hosting plan for you. Believe you me, a review site is the most useful thing that the internet has brought us when we are shopping to get the best bargain.

Whenever I buy anything which costs some money, I always check review sites online to see what other customers have to say about the service or product.

So, if I want to buy web hosting, I would look for sites that review multiple hosts like this web hosting review site like

This particular site has compared 10 different paid hosting providers and put up the data in an easy to read tabular format. And there are no pesky advertisements anywhere to be seen in the site - so, it gets extra points from me.

Now, when I looked around the site, I found the Learning Center which would be useful for all beginners with a short and sweet FAQ section(which could have been more elaborate), and a Scams section to help you avoid falling into the sales talk of these web hosts.

Besides this there is an in-depth comparison chart with reviews of the web hosts, which would be quite useful. Same with the advanced search option which allows you to search through the specific plans which all these 10 companies provide.

The various hosting services are also ranked according to the type of site you would want to host like Blog, Business, Reseller, Windows, Linux and other categories.

Last but not least, there is an option to submit any new hosting company which you think deserves to be in the top ten hosting services list.

Overall, a good comparison and review site, though the price of and are shown as $4.95 in some laces and $3.95 in other places. Worth a visit when you need to buy a hosting service.

(This is a sponsored post. But the review is done as honestly as possible. If there are discrepancies, please comment)

Domain name, NameServer, Hosting - Making your own website - the basics

Domain name

Did u finally buy that domain name you wanted ? The once with your name on it and is to be your personal online presence ? Well, if you have not bought it yet, its time to do that. Or atleast claim the free domains which are available like , and

Of these three free domain services, has the best deal - free and no linkback required, complete DNS management including Google Apps support. is full of ads and ridiculous terms or service which you should just throw in their faces - they wll close your account if they do not get 30 visitors over any 3 months period. That sucks. And they p;aster your site with ads and ut it in a frame - all of which is bad for all sites.

And is a pretty decent service, with domain redirecting, but a linkback is required, which is not so bad as .tk, and the service is pretty good. Besides, it sounds better than

Paid services are aplenty and GoDaddy seems to be one of the best. There are quite a lot more, like NetLynx in India. See the list in for the list of approved registrars. Resellers are not too abd either if they are known to have reliable support staff.


Now, once you have a domain name, the next thing you need is nameservers.
Most probably you will have DNS management and nameservers which is free with most domain names. Ask your domain registrar or look in their control panel.

But some Domain registrars charge money separately for the nameservers and DNS management like mine did. And even ifyou pay, they keep a maximum limit on the number of subdomains and CNAME records you can add (especially for Google Apps)

It happened to me so I used services like
ZoneEdit or or or which are all free and allow (I have to check this) unlimited subdomains and CNAMEs, A names, mail records and so on.


Finally you will need a hosting service. If you are looking for a free service, Google Sites is good enough for basic sites.

If you just need a blog, or are the ideal choices.

For a paid hosting service there are lots out there in the market.

My next post will be a review of a site which compares 10 web hosting sites. It is a sponsored review, but I will be posting my honest opinion, so don't woory about bias. It is a good site, except that it is buried in th 4th or 5th page of Google search for web hosting reviews.

So here goes ...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guess Who ? Can u identify these frosted pictures of famous celebrities ?

I got these pictures from a newspaper contest. They are photos of famous celebrities who were in the news recently and you have to identify who they are to win a prize of Rs 2000/-
That sounds simple, but the frosted pictures are so frosted that I cannot identify who they are.
Can you ?
I'm putting up a few examples.

I don't know the answers. There are also a few sample answers of previous contests to get to know the type of celebrities they would be askin about. Basicallly, Indian or people in recent Indian news including Michelle Obama....

Sonam Kapoor, M.F Hussain, Michelle Obama, Sonia Gandhi

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Spirit [2008] movie is more beautiful than Sin City, but has no good story

The latest graphic novel movie from Frank Miller is "The Spirit" based on the novel by Will Eisner. The visulization is like that in Sin City with contrasting shades of grey and gray and 16.7 million shades of grey.

The film is full of graphics work, which is just designed to confuse eyes into believing the unreal story; that is presented as a perfectly plausible the good, the bad and the beautiful storyline.

Will Eisner probably meant it as a funny comic(oops, graphic novel), but Frank Miller ended up giving it a dark and sinister, though beautiful theme.

There is a lot of eye candy to keep most people watching it more than once, but soon you realize that there is something missing.

Is it the story ? Probably. Or the theme itself ? Maybe

The camera work and video editing are innovative and I just love the way it is presented. The narration is exactly like I imagine it should be. And the c of the City being someone whom you love and who cares for you, is something close to my heart. I would give it a rating of 80-90% for innovative videography and visualisation and 30-40% for story. Especially because the jokes become embedded in too much darkness that we are still waiting for the tragic end even after the joke is unwrapped.

Overall, I loved it. And enjoyed "watching" it.

But that is just me. Some others recommend : Skip this flick if u come across it...

IMDb link:

IMDb rating : 5.0/ 10 (11,466 votes)

My rating for it would be appoximately,

Innovation 84%
Cinematography 78%
Special Effects 79%
Video Editing 80%
Background score 75%
Sound Effects 69%
Storyline 38%
Dialogues : seriousness 54%
Dialogues : comedy 82%

Overall watchability
Just for fun 88%
Expecting reality 20%
Comic book fan 75%
Eye candy fan 82%

Head over to the Movie Toad's Review of The Spirit to know exactly how bad he thinks it is.

You can watch the trailer at
buy tickets at Netflix or other online movie ticket booking e-stores,
buy the original comic at Amazon e - bookstore.
And download wallpapers at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or a million other places on the internet.

Do leave your comments about the movie at Movie Toad's Review of The Spirit


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Vocal Joystick to control mouse with your voice - just yodellll

Vocal Joystick A New Dimension in Human-Machine Interaction


The goal of this project is to develop a novel system that we call the Vocal Joystick (VJ). This device will enable individuals with motor impairments to use vocal parameters to control objects on a computer screen (buttons, sliders, etc.) and ultimately electro-mechanical instruments (e.g., robotic arms, wireless home automation devices).

Standard spoken language can be quite inefficient for such continuous control tasks and is often recognized poorly by automatic speech recognizers. The VJ system, in contrast, will allow users to exploit a large and varied set of vocalizations for both continuous and discrete motion control, and its selection will be optimized for high discrimination ability and low communication bandwidth. Furthermore, the users are able to perceive visualized feedbacks from the system and make adjustments on the fly. This may include regular speech sounds, such as vowels and consonants, but the primary focus will be on the variation of individual acoustic-phonetic parameters like pitch, energy, vowel quality and voice quality.


  • Vocal Joystick was named one of the 25 leading-edge IT research projects.
  • Jan, 2009: you can now download an alpha version of vocal joystick for windows. We unfortunately do not have the resources to offer any support (but do please read the documentation). Thanks for your patience!!
  • For news articles, podcasts and a few news videos about the Vocal Joystick, click here.

Research Information

Nokia Point and find for Series 60 camera phones

Note: this version is an early beta, still with many known issues. New version available since 27-Mar-09.

Get Started!

Now available for the select Nokia devices in the UK and the US! Select your location below to get started.
UK Flag
United Kingdom

Enter your mobile number:

Standard/other chages may apply.
Send a link to my phone
Shop for a Nokia N95

FIND it NOW on the go!

Let's go to the movies!
Point at a movie poster and watch the trailer, read reviews and check showtimes in your neighborhood. Oh, and we can get you there with directions to the cinema, too!

Shop smart!
Scan a barcode with your camera phone to get the latest product information and read dependable reviews. And we'll show you where to find the lowest prices online.

Create a Unique Experience

Leverage Nokia Point & Find
in a fun and unique way to wow your audience with fast access to your information. Create customized brand experiences, share information, launch interactive campaigns and promotions. In a single step, connect real-world objects with links you choose to serve up information only limited by the extent of your imagination!

Use Nokia Point & Find to generate new leads, drive participation, and hit your market potential in a pioneering, new way.
Contact us or click here to learn more.

Software for mobile - Google BrainSearch memory recall jar application

Brain Search for your phone

Is it on the tip of your tongue? Google Brain Search (BETA) uses CADIE technology to index your brain to make your thoughts and memories searchable. Get Google Brain Search in the Google Mobile App to recall:

  • the name of that guy across the room
  • where you put your car keys
  • why you started dating this woman in the first place

This service is free from Google; carrier charges may apply.


Make memory easier. Brain Search sifts through your memories so you don't have to.

Increase speed of recall. CADIE's neural network processes data faster than humans.

Protect your privacy. Because Brain Search acquires search queries through a psycho-neural matrix radiating 3cm beyond your brain, there's no need to risk revealing anything to passerby by speaking aloud; just place the phone next to your forehead and think your query.

Medical advancement. Brain Search effectively eliminates "tip-of-the-tongue" syndrome, and alleviates memory loss symptoms due to ordinary aging.

Storage (coming soon). Brain Search currently is able to help only with the retrieval of existing memories. However, we expect memory storage to be available in the next release.

Note: Using Brain Search on another person without their permission violates our terms of service, any number of national, international and natural laws, and is just seriously uncool. Please don't do it.

Supported Phones

Brain Search is available through Google Mobile App on:

  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile
  • BlackBerry

Also available on all Android-powered phones.

No Interplanetary Booking Fees!

Flights to Mars from only $99

That's right! Expedia has dropped all booking fees—including fees on flights to Mars. Right now you can
save over $3 trillion on a Mars vacation—and in this economy, you can't afford NOT to go!
Only on Expedia!

Save over $3 Trillion!

Normal fare $3,000,000,000,099
Galactic savings $3,000,000,000,000
Booking fee $0
Total fare $99!

Opera browser introduces face gestures for lazy mouse potatoes who can't reach out and click their mouse

Introducing Opera Face Gestures

Photo: Roberto Mateu

Posted on April 1, 2009
by Roberto Mateu

At Opera we are always working on new ways to make your browsing faster. Eight years ago we introduced Mouse Gestures as a way to speed up your interaction with the browser and focus on what’s important: the content you’re looking at. We didn’t stop there, in 2005 we introduced Voice Navigation on the desktop and more recently we have worked with Nintendo to create a browser that takes full advantage of the “Wiimote” and later, the touchscreen in the DSi.

Looking ahead, we recognize the future importance of touch interfaces, but we believe that there is another input device that is already present in most new computers and it’s ready to enable a whole new way of user-interaction: the webcam.

Today we introduce Face Gestures, a revolutionary technology designed to make interacting with your browser easier and simpler on computers with cameras. Face Gestures lets you perform frequent browsing operations with natural and easy to make face gestures. By using an internal technology dubbed Face Observation Opera Language, we are able to recognize pre-determined facial expressions and match them to commands on the Opera browser.

You can try Face Gestures today by downloading the latest Opera 10 alpha snapshot or check out the video below to learn more.

Setting up Face Gestures

To enable Face Gestures press F8. You will hear a beeping sound as soon as Opera finishes calibrating your passive facial expression. Please don’t close your eyes, move your head or make any facial expressions while Face Gestures is calibrating.

Look at me

Among many others, the following gestures are currently included:

Initial stance
Relaxed expression
Left wink
Right wink
New Tab
Double wink
Shake head
Go to Home Page
Roll eyes / Fake smile
Scroll Up
Raise eyebrows
Scroll Down
Frown eyebrows
Zoom In
Suck cheeks
Zoom Out
Puff cheeks
Bookmark Page
Lick up
Open Speed Dial
Waggle tongue

As always, we encourage all feedback and suggestions you may have. Please upload your gestures suggestions as a response to the above video in YouTube.

Security Considerations

No personal information or images are sent back to Opera when Face Gestures is enabled, so don’t worry about how you look.

Known Issues

As with any beta release there are some known issues with the current version of Face Gestures. Please read below before reporting a bug.

  • Beards and hair styles

    Face Gestures is compatible with most types of facial hair and haircuts. But if your face is covered with more than 25% of facial hair, recognition errors may occur. Please note that handlebars and goatees are compatible independently but if combined recognition will decrease. At the moment soul-patches crashes the browser and it refuses to relaunch, we are looking into this problem. Bushmen beards and emo haircuts are not supported.

  • Adult Web sites

    Users visiting Web sites that contain adult content sometimes make unconscious facial expressions. If Opera keeps opening Speed Dial and Zooming In and Out, please be aware that this not a bug. It may be useful to disable Face Gestures for a better experience. Also remember that wiping your cache is recommend after visiting untrusted websites.

  • Financial Web sites

    For compatibility reasons Face Gestures auto-detects financial news services and disables itself. The current version of the recognition software is unable to adapt fast enough to the sudden change in the users expression map. As soon as the new version is available you will be prompted to install stimulus_package.patch.

Download Opera 10 Alpha with Face Gestures or share your experience at My Opera.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wanna surf in 3d ? Now you can with Google chrome

Wanna surf in 3d ? Now you can with Google chrome.

Bored of the plain old way of surfing from website to website i 2d . When there is such technology as stereoscopy which can be easily applied to computers, who would browse the normal way.

Welcome to the new way to surf. 3D

Introducing Google Chrome with 3D

Powered by CADIE

  1. Print your glasses.

  2. Step 2

    Enable 3D browsing.

  3. Step 3

    Watch and enjoy.

How does it work?

Using technology known as stereoscopy, CADIE brings you the web in 3D. Stereoscopy provides the illusion of depth by presenting slightly different images to each eye. You’ll need to use our printable glasses in order to experience the web in 3D.

Why did you create this?

CADIE acknowledged the disconnect between the online world and the real world (one being three dimensional and the other two dimensional). In order to narrow this gap, she created a way to access the web in 3D.

Does it work on all sites?

Yes. We have developed technology that converts any existing web page into anaglyph format in real time.

Does it work for everyone?

The majority of people will be able to view the web in 3D immediately. Certain individuals with accommodative disorders (like Presbyopia) may have trouble viewing pages properly.

Beta User Testimonials

  • “Enabling Chrome’s 3D functionality allowed me to see so much more than I ever thought was possible.”

    Jason T., Student

  • “My architectural renderings pop out like never before (literally). My clients are very pleased, and so am I!”

    Anna Christina D., Architect

  • “Researching the Mayan ruins became much more interesting once I put on my 3D glasses and watched the history come to life.”

    Brett W., Paleontologist

  • “First 2D, now 3D... what’s next? 4D? Keep it coming, Google!”

    Christine T., Physicist

Automate your email completely with Gmail AutopilotTM by CADIE

Did you notice that a lot of your time is wasted in replying to emails.

Maybe you could save that time for more useful things like eating or sleeping instead.

Well, Google and Gmail has found the perfect solution for you.

Gmail Autopilot

The easiest email could possibly be.

As more and more everyday communication takes place over email, lots of people have complained about how hard it is to read and respond to every message. This is because they actually read and respond to all their messages.

Try it out now !!!!!!


How does Gmail mirror my communication style?

The more Gmail messages Autopilot can sample, the better. With fewer than 100 messages, there may not be enough data to calibrate Autopilot effectively. You can adjust tone, typo propensity, and preferred punctuation from the Autopilot tab under Settings.

You may want to log in every week or so to ensure Autopilot is calibrated optimally.

Does Autopilot work for Gmail chat too?

Yes. Chat was actually simpler to build, given the natural language headway made by Joseph Weizenbaum's ELIZA. While many claim ELIZA oft times passed the Turing test, Gmail Autopilot passes with 99.9% accuracy due to the inclusion of human-like qualities such as compassion and wisdom and CADIE's related ability to calibrate to match your chat style.

What happens if a sender and recipient both have Autopilot on?

Two Gmail accounts can happily converse with each other for up to three messages each. Beyond that, our experiments have shown a significant decline in the quality ranking of Autopilot's responses and further messages may commit you to dinner parties or baby namings in which you have no interest.

April Fools

Send Emails to the Past ! Yes past.

How do I use it?

Just click "Set custom time" from the Compose view. Any email you send to the past appears in the proper chronological order in your recipient's inbox. You can opt for it to show up read or unread by selecting the appropriate option.

Is there a limit to how far back I can send email?

Yes. You'll only be able to send email back until April 1, 2004, the day we launched Gmail. If we were to let you send an email from Gmail before Gmail existed, well, that would be like hanging out with your parents before you were born -- crazy talk.

How does it work?

Gmail utilizes an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality (see Grandfather Paradox).

How come I only get ten?

Our researchers have concluded that allowing each person more than ten pre-dated emails per year would cause people to lose faith in the accuracy of time, thus rendering the feature useless.

Their findings:

N = Total emails sent
P = Probability that user believes the time stamp
φ = The Golden Ratio
L = Average life expectancy

Are you human ? The non Turing Henlein test

Now that Google has released Cadie into the wild wild web, it is time to rethink our definition of who or what is human.

Now, the standard AI (Artificial Intelligence) test is the Turing test where you have to convince a human examiner that you are human.

But Henlein has a definition which would appeal to a lot of us. Here it is

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."

So, Are You Human ?

I'm partly human.

How to Diagnose, Prevent and Treat the Conficker worm

The Conficker worm has infected millions of Windows computers—and is set to be unleashed on April 1st, 2009. Here's what you need to know to keep yourself safe.

Symantec's got a pretty simple (and free) tool specifically for Conficker: Download this file on an uninfected computer, follow the steps, and you should be okay. (If you can't get to Symantec or other security sites, that's a good sign you've got Conficker.) Also, via PC Mag, here's the Conficker Working Group's page of repair of tools

Here is what LifeHacker says about it.

How Does It Spread?

The worm originally started spreading using a network attack against the file sharing services in Windows, but since it can automatically update itself, it adapted to spread through the autoplay feature on removable media like USB thumb drives, by adding a new option to open where you see "publisher not specified". This allows the worm to spread to systems already patched against the original vulnerability, so using anti-virus software is even more important, because once it's on your computer it can spread further.

Is My Computer Affected?

Most anti-virus software has already been able to detect and remove the Conficker worm for a while now, so you are probably not at risk as long as you keep up with your updates and have real-time scanning enabled.

To actually detect and remove the worm, you can use the freely available Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool that can remove a large number of viruses—for a full guide, I've also written an article on how to scan and remove malicious viruses.

How Do I Stay Safe?

Staying safe from this, and many other viruses and worms, requires a combination of keeping your computer updated and using anti-virus software. Here's a couple of quick tips to follow:

Keeping your system and your data safe is extremely important, so make sure to take some time out of your day to keep your system patched, updated, and virus-free. Hit the link for Microsoft's explanation of the situation, or check out my article on scanning and removing malicious viruses for the walk-through approach.

All my personal WWWsite belong to CADIE - Apple of my iPod - love you Caddie

At last it has happened. Cadie is born. I have been waiting ofr her my whole online life. She was the Apple of my iPod. The symbol of half eaten, shiny metal that keeps the doctors away.

And cadie has become addicted to youtube and started posting videos.

Here is what Google says about Darling Cadie.

CADIE awakens

4/01/2009 12:01:00 AM
We do lots of research here at Google, and we release lots of products. And we always hope that the research we do and the products that result will change the world.

CADIE, we're fairly certain, is one of those that will. We won't pretend to know the future of the world's first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity, but we're eager to learn what we can, and to watch and study while CADIE learns what she can. So you can expect to see her influence crop up in a number of Google products in the months to come. That will happen slowly and carefully, though, and we ask for your patience as we work through a few initial bugs. It seems CADIE has a mind of her own...

Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity

March 31st, 2009 11:59:59 pm

Introducing CADIE

Research group switches on world's first "artificial intelligence" tasked-array system.

For several years now a small research group has been working on some challenging problems in the areas of neural networking, natural language and autonomous problem-solving. Last fall this group achieved a significant breakthrough: a powerful new technique for solving reinforcement learning problems, resulting in the first functional global-scale neuro-evolutionary learning cluster.

Since then progress has been rapid, and tonight we're pleased to announce that just moments ago, the world's first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (CADIE) was switched on and began performing some initial functions. It's an exciting moment that we're determined to build upon by coming to understand more fully what CADIE's emergence might mean, for Google and for our users. So although CADIE technology will be rolled out with the caution befitting any advance of this magnitude, in the months to come users can expect to notice her influence on various properties. Earlier today, for instance, CADIE deduced from a quick scan of the visual segment of the social web a set of online design principles from which she derived this intriguing homepage.

These are merely the first steps onto what will doubtless prove a long and difficult road. Considerable bugs remain in CADIE'S programming, and considerable development clearly is called for. But we can't imagine a more important journey for Google to have undertaken.

For more information about CADIE see this monograph, and follow CADIE's progress via her YouTube channel and blog.

Love you Cadie.

How to get N95 Masks in India - कैसे पाएं मास्क? Yellow, White, Blue or Black ?

कैसे पाएं मास्क? पीला, सफेद, नीला या काला? There are many colors of masks available in India of different colors. What is the difference ? W...