Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Fool made real - Text and Walk OR Email and Walk

Remember Txt'n'Walk, the April Fool's Day mobile software that lets you text and walk at the same time and not fall ?

If not, read this first

Well, Phase2 Media just released Email 'n Walk, for free at the iTunes App Store.

This is not an April fool joke.

This is real !!! And this is much better than the text and Walk concept, because it uses a bigger screen area.

And uses it as the background, s u don't even have to move your eyeballs to see the lamppost u are about to walk into ...

Hope the next version comes with radar and automatic detection or dangers with Artificial intelligence.

As you can see in the top shot, it's a beautiful email implementation of the same idea, more attractive, in fact, than the Pocket-Lint gag app (shown below). The only difference is, obviously, that you can send emails but you can't send text messages, which is still controlled by the Apple/AT&T iron claw.

I downloaded it for free—apparently this is a limited-time offer—but haven't had a chance to load it up, so feel free to share your impressions in comments.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dr Gregory House MD's unforgettable quotes

  • “I teach you to lie, cheat, and steal, and as soon as my back's turned you wait in line?”

  • “Like I always say, there's no "I" in team. There's a "me" though, if you jumble it up.”

  • “So what's your plan? You take the big dark one, I'll take the little girl, and the Aussie will run like a scared wombat if things get tough.”

  • [Houses' patient has just collapsed] "This is exactly why I created nurses. Clean up on aisle three!”

  • "It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what."

  • "You talk to God, you're religious; God talks to you, you're psychotic."

  • "Treating illness is why we became doctors. Treating patients is actually what makes most doctors miserable."
  • "Truth begins in lies"

  • "Humanity is overrated"

  • "Reality is almost always wrong"

  • "It's one of the great tragedies of life — something always changes."

  • "I was never that great at math, but next to nothing is higher than nothing, right?"

  • "There is not a thin line between love and hate. There is - in fact - a Great Wall of China with armed sentries posted every 20 feet between love and hate."

  • (to Foreman) "So your solution is to give me drugs?"

  • "That's exactly why you aren't allowed to touch my markers"
  • "This is the only me you get"
  • "Candy CANES?? Are you mocking me?"
  • I wash before and after.(While walking to the urinal with Cuddy in the bathroom, just after washing his hands.)
  • "(knocks on Wilson's door and he doesn't answer) I know you're in there! I can hear you *caring*."
  • "I cleverly have no personal life."

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Vodafone ZooZoo's Wallpaper Downloads, free emoticons

Zoozoos are people too ...

Have you seen the Vodafone Ads with animated cartoon characters with an alien look or simply a stupid egg-head character with disproportional white bodies and black dots for eyes and mouth ?

Here is a link to the videos if you want to see them.

Well, they are NOT animated ! And they are not stupid either ...

And have become a sensation in cricket crazy India, being watched with as much interest as the 20-20 IPL matches themselves.
What was the Hutch / Orange / Vodafone Dog's name ?

And Zoozoos have replaced the good old Hutch pug ‘Chika’ who was later replaced by "Spikey".
Chitika was they dog in "Wherever you go, our network follows", by Hutch (earlier Orange, now Vodafone).

What are those white coloured eggheads called ?

These Zoo Zoos Vodafone TV ads may resemble animated cartoon creatures, but they are people too. Some Mumbai actresses (yeah, but not Bollywood) are in those costumes and it is shot in an oversized ad film set.

It was created by the creative team at Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) India.

The Vodafone company plans to air 30 different commercials featuring the Zoozoos during the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) Twenty20 cricket series .

Several characters were drawn up and considered by executive creative director (South Asia) Rajiv Rao and his team at O&M India, before they settled in on Zoozoo.

“We were very close to what you see as the final version of Zoozoo. The only difference was that we had two options, one that looked more like Mr. Potato Head, a completely round body with thin limbs… the other, a thinner version with a big head and scrawny limbs. We picked the latter as it was easier to have head and body movements in that costume,” says Rao.

And then, in two-and-a-half months, the agency had to come up with the films, each of which is 20-30 seconds long.

“We had to shoot, edit and finish sound recording for 30 different television commercials in 10 days. The whole thing, pre-production included, took a little over a month and was shot completely in Cape Town, South Africa,” says Rao.

Zoozoos are not animated characters but are actually slim women actors from local Mumbai theatres, dressed in white costumes that are stuffed with foam to portray the characters.

Here is a link to the videos if you want to see them in action

Still want more ?

Here is an overdose !!!

ALL Vodafone Zoozoo IPL Ads in one - must watch!

ALL Vodafone Zoozoo IPL Ads in one - must watch!

This video is contains a combination of all Vodafone Zoozoo men snippets that were specifically targeted for the Indian Premier League crowd.. Edited them for easy viewing - Hilarious and very creative - an absolute must-watch!

More :

It is not for nothing that Indian advertising is seen as coming into its own. And Vodafone advertising campaigns have been at the forefront of it all.

First there was that dog in Hutch campaigns, which captured the imagination of millions. It survived a $19-billion buyout and reached such levels of popularity that it even led to kidnappings of that breed of dogs, called pugs.

And now come those nutty and entirely endearing little men in white, called Zoozoos created by the agency O&M for Vodafone, one of the main broadcast sponsors of the Indian Premier League. They are wowing audiences, and ZooZoo merchandise, bags, keychains, T-shirts will be available soon.

Fans on Facebook are rising by the day. “Day before it was 8,000, yesterday I am told there were 14,000 fans,” says Mr Harit Nagpal, Marketing & New Business Director, Vodafone Essar. It crossed 28,000 on Thursday.
Going the whole way

“When you are spending four months’ advertising spend over one month you might as well make the most of the high, non-repetitive viewership,” says Mr Nagpal. Instead of the traditional repeated ads, Vodafone decided to launch a new film everyday during the league. “There were two barriers to that, one was continuity, the other the cost of producing so many films,” says Mr Nagpal.

In about 10 days, O&M completed the campaign shooting two-three films a day, each selling a product or a service offered by Vodafone. A dozen more films are expected as the league progresses.

The characters, which look like distant cousins of the Pillsbury dough boy, were enacted by professional ballet artists in white body suits. “What makes them so endearing is that they are innocent people living in a simple world unlike ours, who laugh loud when they laugh. And who seem to be in an in-between world of animation and reality,” said Mr Rajiv Rao, Executive Creative Director, O&M.

The strategy is generating a buzz that lives up to the brand’s image of great creatives and clever marketing. The company spends about Rs 250 crore on advertising across mediums according to industry sources.

“In the first ten days IPL has, despite a few matches being washed out by the rains, reached a cumulative 89 million people, higher than the 70 million last year,” says Mr Nagpal. He would not comment on the role of the ZooZoos after the IPL.

Vodafone Voice SMS

Vodafone Voice SMS

More :

Vodafone ZooZoo commercial for Dating Tips

Vodafone ZooZoo commercial for Dating Tips

More :

Vodafone Cricket commentary with the ZooZoos

Vodafone Cricket commentary with the ZooZoos

ZooZoos Stock Alerts advert

ZooZoos Stock Alerts advert

ZooZoo enjoying his Magic Box

ZooZoo enjoying his Magic Box
Vodafone Zoozoo enjoying his Magic box with 2 years replacement warranty commercial

Vodafone live! games

Vodafone live! games

Vodafone Musical Greetings

Vodafone Musical Greetings

Vodafone ad - Cricket Alerts

Vodafone ad - Cricket Alerts

Vodafone ZooZoo ad for Busy message

Vodafone ZooZoo ad for Busy message

More :

Vodafone ZooZoo ad for Bhakti sagar

Vodafone ZooZoo ad for Bhakti sagar

Vodafone Cricket commentary with the ZooZoos

Vodafone Cricket commentary with the ZooZoos

More :

Vodafone Commercial - Call Filter

Vodafone Commercial - Call Filter

Vodafone ZooZoo advert for International Roaming

Vodafone ZooZoo advert for International Roaming

Vodafone Contest - Be the Star of the Match 2nd ad

Vodafone Contest - Be the Star of the Match 2nd ad

Vodafone advert of Maps on Vodafone Live!

Vodafone advert of Maps on Vodafone Live!

Vodafone Chhota Credit

Vodafone Chhota Credit

Vodafone Phone Backup - ZooZoos at the copy machine

Vodafone Phone Backup - ZooZoos at the copy machine

More :

Zoozoos Videos download hi quality avi - Vodafone commercial for Beauty Tips

Vodafone commercial for Beauty Tips

More :

ZooZoos have captured IPL 2009 viewers attention over the 20-20s

Vodafone's Zoozoos have captured the attention of the imaginative public.
Kudos to the team behind the ZooZoos.

What a silly name. But they look real cute.

In fact, even though it looks animated, they are really beautiful actresses in those huge costumes, with the set made to be quite big to make the Zoozoos look smaller than they actually are.

Here are a few of the ZooZoos videos : Enjoy !!!

Vodafone IPL Contest - Be the Star of the Match
Vodafone IPL Contest TV ad with Zoozoos in action, aired during IPL matches - Win a trip to South Africa.

Vodafone Musical Greetings

Vodafone Magic Box 2

More :

N97- E71 : New Nokia phones are good and better

The N97, designed to run on U.S. 3G bands, can now be officially pre-ordered from Nokia’s USA website, with an estimated shipment in July 2009. The new flagship phone comes in two classic color solutions: Black or White. You can get the sweet N97 at the solid price of $699 and you will also receive a present from the company - the Nokia BH-703 Bluetooth headset, which otherwise would cost you $89.95. Let us brush up on its features: the Nokia N97 utilizes a large 3.5-inch touch-sensitive display, 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm jack and whatever you may think of. It’s also going to run the Symbian S60 5th Edition operating system, powering the 5800 XpressMusic.

This would be the ideal phone. A touchscreen, which also has a qwerty.

Just like the Android based G1.

And which also supports kazillions of applications - symbian, java and flashLite besides Javascript.

Then for less cost, there is E71. For ... wait for it .... $0.01*
*(with service plan)

Nokia E71x Phone, Black (AT&T)

Other products by Nokia

Availability: Ships from and sold by
Buy Nokia Mobiles from here - Nokia
Requirement: This phone can only be used with a compatible service plan.

Monday, May 04, 2009

I give free money to all of my blog readers - It's a SCAM ! Don't fall for it

Yahoo/Msn Lottery
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(Yahoo/Msn Lottery Games/Lottery Coordinator).

Power Saver saves your electricity bill ??? Or DOES IT !!


(full capitals, bad grammar)



( too many question marks)



spelling mistakes


(vague statement)




(meaning ?)

reduces your electricity bill by on average 10~25%, 30% is the max.


The actual effective electric power consumption in the industry and household is only 60%, and the rest is wasted, but the user will have no choice to pay for all these consumption.

(how, why ?)



There are many factors which do affect the efficiency of your Power Saver. The device works immediately after plugging it in although it can take as long as 8 days before it has adjusted itself for peak performance.

(vague diversion tactic)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Another io9 review of X-Men Origins : Wolverine

The following is from a gawker website called io9

I just love the way they have reviewed the movie to shreds ...

Wolverine Is An X-Men Ordeal

The X-Men movies have finally descended from "epic saga" to "farce," with a Wolverine prequel that sees him struggling against the banality of banality. Spoilers ahead.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not the worst movie I've seen lately - that honor probably belongs to Bad Channels - but it is a particularly awful type of bad movie. It's nearly joyless in its badness - unlike some Z-movies that revel in their badness, Wolverine thinks it's a great film. And it's all designed to set you up for action sequences, which - apart from one exception - are pretty dull.

Wolverine's origins used to be shrouded in mystery, but now they're drenched in obviousness. We follow Logan from his unhappy childhood, through a hundred-odd years of fighting in every war, ever, and then he gets court-martialed and executed. And that's just the opening credits. Then he gets recruited into a special secret military mutant squad, which flies around the world kicking ass and being one-note characters. Until the thuggery gets to be too much for him, and he quits. But nobody walks away from Whatever-it's-called Squad, and Logan's half-brother, Victor, goes after him, apparently killing the woman he loves.

There are really two kinds of dumb movies: ones where you don't notice the plot holes until you're out in the parking lot afterwards, and ones where you can't concentrate on the explosions because you're sitting there saying "WTF" to yourself over and over. Wolverine is the second kind. I particularly love the overly twisty plot that military goon William Stryker hatches: He goes all over the world to get hold of some adamantium, a metal so strong it could only come from both outer space and Africa. Having gone to so much trouble, he decides he wants to inject this rare metal into Wolverine's bones. But for some reason, he can't just strap Wolverine down and do this - because the procedure is so painful, Wolverine has to volunteer. (Pause for a moment and reflect that Wolverine is not super-strong. Straps and chains actually do stop him, right?) So Stryker gets his mutant super-agent Kayla to pretend to be in love with Wolverine for a year or two, then he gets Wolverine's half-brother Victor to pretend to kill Kayla. All this, so Wolverine will agree to lose his ability to walk through metal detectors ever again. And then, as soon as Wolverine actually gets the metal in his skeleton, Stryker has some half-assed plan to erase his memory. And when that doesn't work out, he immediately decides to kill the guy he just spent half a billion dollars putting the world's rarest metal into. Instead of, I dunno, talking it out. Does any of this make sense to any of you? It's so nutty the stock army general, General Exposition, comments on how nutty it is.

There are also way, way too many scenes of Wolverine and Victor, aka Sabretooth, with their mouths open wide, growling/hissing at each other. The half-brothers have approximately twenty-seven fight scenes in the movie, and they're all identical. Logan pounces, Sabretooth does a weird hands-on-the-floor lope, and they meet in the middle, tossing each other around and spouting homo/incest banter, until they call it a draw. "Same time tomorrow?" "Sure."

And this is where the movie really falls apart for me. The relationship between Wolverine and Sabretooth is meant to be the central focus of the story. They realize they're actually half-brothers, they vow to rely on each other, they go to war, they grow apart, and finally they become bitter enemies. At no time does this movie even remotely sell me on any of this. Partly, it's because the arc I just described takes place in the first ten minutes of the film, and we barely see it. But mostly, they just snarl at each other and then have rote fight scenes. If you even remotely need to care about the people you're watching fight, then it's a dreadful letdown.

Having said that, there is one area in which X-Men Origins: Wolverine absolutely excels, and that's awful dialogue. Wolverine's nemesis Sabretooth gets to say things like "Look what the cat dragged in," and "How about this time, you die for real," on a regular basis. Wolverine's love interest Kayla gets to say stuff like, "It was real for me too."

At one point, Kayla tells Wolverine a beautiful Native American legend, about how a wolverine and the moon were in love, but a trickster fooled the wolverine into leaving the spirit realm to collect flowers for the moon. The wolverine didn't realize he can never return to the moon afterwards, leaving the moon lonely. Later, Wolverine and Kayla revisit this fable, and Wolverine tries to hash out a new exegesis: "Maybe I'm not the wolverine. Maybe I'm the moon and you're the trickster. No, wait. Maybe I'm the moon *and* the trickster, and you're the wolverine. Actually, what makes the most sense is if the moon represents the military-industrial complex and the wolverine stands for Robert Gates, and the trickster is OMB director Peter Orszag. How's that?"

And best of all, there's the movie's villain, William Stryker. Who gets to say stuff like, "Become the animal." (While Kayla says, "You're not an animal," over and over again. I sense a techno remix in the making.) Also, Stryker gets to say, "Embrace the other side," which sounds like a come-on, especially as he leans over a naked Wolverine saying it. Plus "We're going to make you indestructible. But first we have to destroy you." And then there's my favorite: "I promise you two things. You will endure more pain than any man has ever known, and you will have your revenge. And there will be a chocolate smoothie afterwards. Oh, damn. Three things. Pain, revenge, smoothie. And you get to be bishop of Nova Scotia. Crap! I promise you four things. No, wait. Five things!"

Oh, and also amongst the multitudes of blah, repetitive fight scenes, there are a couple of real standouts. The sequence towards the beginning where Stryker's group of mutant thugs takes out an African strongman is really fun and exciting, with each mutant getting to show off his special powers. (Except, oddly, for Wolverine and Sabretooth, who just stand around.) And the helicopter/motorcycle/truck sequence you've seen in every single trailer is really as much fun as it looks. For those few minutes, this becomes an A-movie, and then it slinks back to Z-movie-land.

But that only reminds me of another problem with this film: the weird, old-school CG effects. I'm not a CG animation connoisseur, and I actually prefer practical effects wherever possible, but the shoddiness of some of the CG effects really jumped out at me this time. Like that scene, which you've seen in the trailers, where Wolverine walks away from an explosion - in the actual movie, the explosion turns into flames, which turn into fake-looking CG cheese.

I'm not sure they sell enough drugs to make this a good movie. I'm not even touching on the sweet old couple who randomly take Wolverine in and bring him free stuff, even after he trashes their bathroom. Or Dominic Monaghan's weird turn as a mutant who leaves the army in order to make a living as a circus freak. I'm not even going to go near the travesty that is the movie's version of Deadpool.

The really sad thing, though, is that this film really degrades the core idea of the X-Men franchise: mutants struggling for acceptance (and debating whether to crush the humans instead.) Wolverine parades out a seemingly endless stock of mutant characters, but they're all incredibly bland and gimmicky. Being a mutant really ought to be somewhat cool or interesting, and it would be nice to see people questioning their differences from regular humans. But instead, we get a bunch of forgettable cage fighters and single-idea characters.

All of the publicity for Wolverine has focused lately on how much the movie's actors bulked up - with Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber one-upping each other. "I ate a whole chicken every hour on the hour!" "Well, I went to a supermarket and didn't leave until I had eaten everything in it, including all the home cleaning products!" Etc. And in the end, their massive bodies are the most noticeable thing about the film. They both seem a bit bloated and blown up, even with Logan's ripped muscles - I honestly thought Hugh Jackman looked sexier fifty pounds ago - and we're encouraged to fetishize their sheer bulk. (And it's parodied, somewhat, by the appearance of the Blob, who's Keamy from Lost in an ever-expanding fatsuit.) That, in the end, is what mutation seems to mean in this movie - massively overinflated male bodies, slamming into each other, again and again.

It's all a long way from the first two X-Men movies, which managed to turn the themes of the comics into something coherent and even a bit awe-inspiring. By contrast, this really just feels like an extra-long episode of Heroes, with better special effects.

io9 gives a short and sour review of X-men Origins - Wolverine

X-men Origins - Wolverine was leaked online as a workprint 3 weeks BEFORE it was released officially. And the hollywood studios are shouting about it, even though they got loads and tons of free publicity and made people buy tickets just to confirm that the movie was as bad in theatre as they thought it would be ...

Here's a review by one of the Gawker websites, which gives a pretty accurate view of the movie

via io9

We see Wolverine as a kid, with his brother, and something terrible happens and Logan's mutant power is revealed.

Then flash forward: it's the 1970s in Vietnam, and Logan and his "brother" Victor (Sabretooth) are soldiers. Victor has been going psycho and killing anyone who looks at him crosswise, so both mutants wind up locked in the brig. Until Stryker, a high-ranking officer, comes and tells them he's putting together a special team, with special privileges.

The elite special-ops team is made up of mutants with cool powers. One of the members of the team is the sword-wielding Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, who keeps making dumb jokes and driving everybody else nuts. Everybody keeps telling Wade to shut up, and Victor nearly kills Wade until Logan intervenes. The team takes on tons of missions, with Victor getting more and more bloodthirsty.

But Logan draws the line at having to kill innocent people, and walks away. He lives in a cabin in the woods, becoming a lumberjack (and he's okay), with his girlfriend Silver Fox. Meanwhile, someone is killing all the members of that special-ops team one by one. (The first to die is Beak, who uses electricity.) Stryker comes to warn Wolverine, but he says he can take care of himself... right before he finds Silver Fox with her throat cut.

This time it's personal. Wolverine goes after Victor, and they fight, but their powers are too evenly matched. So Wolverine goes back to Stryker and lets the military officer put him in a goo bath, giving him new adamantium skeleton and blades. And we find out where the name "Wolverine" comes from.

And in the end, we find out Stryker is kidnapping mutants and keeping them prisoner so he can harvest their DNA. All of these mutants are being held prisoner on an island, which turns out to be the Three Mile Island. It turns out Stryker has been harvesting mutant DNA to breed one super-mutant, who will have all the superpowers of the other mutants... and that mutant is Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. Stryker doesn't want to release the super-mutant because he's not ready yet, but the nearly indestructible Wolverine is tearing everything up.

So finally Stryker releases Deadpool, who now is bald with flame shooting out of his sunken red eyes, and the ability to disappear like Wraith. And Deadpool's mouth is sewn shut, causing Wolverine to quip, "They finally shut you up." And Deadpool's trusty sword comes out of his fist — just like Wolverine's claws. The fight moves to the top of one of the nuclear reactors, and Deadpool is shooting everything with his eye-blasts, destroying all the reactors.

Wolverine almost falls into the reactor, but an arm reaches out and saves him — and it's Sabretooth. Who says, "Nobody kills you but me, brother." Then Sabretooth says "Back to back," and the two mutants fight back to back, so they can see on both sides. Wolverine slices Deadpool's head off with one swipe. Says Sabretooth, "You know, this doesn't mean we're not still enemies," and then he takes off.

And then — here's my favorite part — Wolverine is freeing all the mutant captives. And Stryker says he has a "magic bullet" to shoot Logan with. The other scientists point out that it won't kill Logan. Stryker says, "I know, but if I shoot him in the head, it'll erase his memory." So he shoots Logan in the head, and he falls to the ground, apparently dead. But then he wakes up with total amnesia. Gambit drags Logan to safety and says he's a friend. Then we hear Patrick Stewart's voice (as Professor X) telling the escaping mutants to come to him, and he'll keep them safe. [We Are Movie Geeks via Worst Previews]

Friday, May 01, 2009

Nokia E63 Vs Nokia E71

The Nokia E63 is available at a price of around Indian Rupee(INR) Rs. 12,300. compared to INR Rs.19,500 for E71.

If it lives up to the reputation of the E71, then the E63 is definitely good value for your money.The only negative point Nokia E63 has is lack of GPS and 2 mp camera compared to 3.5 mp for E71.

Nokia has officially launched the latest smartphone “Nokia E63″, designed for people who need to manage their business and personal lives equally well. The Nokia E63 is announced as the mass market messaging device at affordable price. The E63 resembles the Nokia E71 model in design and in most of the features.It is actually can be called “low-end” E71. Alongside a full QWERTY keyboard, Nokia E63 also features:
  • Symbian S60, version 3.1
  • 2.36-inch TFT display screen with 16 million colors and 320×240 pixel
  • Quad band GSM connectivity (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
  • 3G (In some models)
  • Wi-Fi
  • HTML browser
  • Email
  • Nokia Maps
  • Files on Ovi
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • miniUSB 2.0
  • A 3.5mm headset jack
  • Music player
  • FM radio with RDS
  • A 2 MP camera (no autofocus)
  • 110MB of internal memory
  • MicroSD & MicroSDHC card support, up to 8GB
  • 126 grams
  • 113 x 59 x 13 mm

E63 is better in some aspects too
- more shortcut keys.
- 3.5 mm audio out jack (the normal audio jack) (compared to 2.5 mm abnormal jack for E71)

Nokia E63 Vs Nokia E71
  • The newly announced E63 lacks GPS whereas the E71 has the GPS feature.
  • The newly announced E63 has 2 megapixel camera(no autofocus) whereas the Nokia E71 has 3.2 megapixels camera(autofocus)
  • The Nokia E63 has more plastic colured body as opposed to the metal body of E71.The front is a metallic-finish, whilst the back cover is a soft-touch finish - both attract far few fingerprints than the E71’s.

  • The E63 is nearly identical in dimensions to the E71 except for the depth - the E63 is around 1.5 times the depth of the E71.
  • The E63 has a 3.5mm jack on top versus the E71’s 2.5mm jack on the side. This appears to be the first E-series to have a standard headphone socket - something normally saved for N-series.
  • The E63 has no side buttons for volume or voice recording. It’s also missing the E71’s IR window.
  • The E63 has a revised keyboard layout, adding a ‘/’ button on the lower row, shortening the space bar.
  • The E63 appears to have a slightly smaller dimension screen although it is the same 320 by 240 pixels as the E71.
  • The E63 does not support HSDPA data in all models.
  • The E63 has the same 110 MB internal memory, but is shipped without an additional memory card (although a slot to add one is present).
  • The E63 adds a flashlight function that allows the camera’s LED flash to be used as a torch.
  • The E63 lacks the E71’s faux-leather slip case.
Want to compare E61 with other phones ?

E63 vs e51 -

And .. a bonus for my loyal readers ..

Nokia'a RoadMap for new smartphones.

Is your Dream Phone out there ?

Nokia’s leaked internal road-map for the upcoming smartphones including the Touchscreens has emerged on BGR.The phones have codenames only in the leaked road-map but it can be judged from it that many touchscreen,smartphone goodies are coming from Nokia.Below is the leaked road-map:
Product Code Codename OS Prototype availability Notes Status
RM-320 Aino 3.1 2007 wk 22 N95 8GB Development complete
RM-187 Ariane 3.2 2007 wk 28 5710 XpressMusic Development complete
RM-235 Merlin 3.2 2007 wk 37 N78 Development complete
RM-462 Piranha 3.2.1 2007 wk 39 AT&T version of E71. Software based on 6650 Development complete
RM-261 Hammer 3.2.2 2007 wk 40 ? Cancelled
RM-313 Sharaku 3.1 2007 wk 42 N82 Development complete
RM-333 Gadget 3.2.3 2007 wk 50 N85 Development complete
RM-247 Lumiere 3.2 2008 wk 0 N96 Development complete
RM-328 Astro 3.2 2008 wk 1 6220 classic Development complete
RM-346 Leevi 3.1 2008 wk 11 E71-1 Development complete
RM-357 Leevi 3.1 2008 wk 11 E71-3 Development complete
RM-422 Wheldon 3.1 2008 wk 12 Vassini facelift (Ed.: We don’t know what Vassini is.) Development complete
RM-367 Polaris 3.2 2008 wk 16 6210 Navigator Development complete
RM-370 Surfer 3.2 2008 wk 17 Landscape, 2.6-inch QVGA, QWERTY, GPS, NaviWheel, 5MP camera, DVB-H, quadband GSM, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 Development complete
RM-401 Roxy 3.2.1 2008 wk 17 Version of 6650 with half-QWERTY keyboard added. Includes Mail for Exchange. Quadband GSM, HSDPA Canceled
RM-423 Bruce Lee 3.2.1 2008 wk 19 HSDPA, AGPS, 3.2MP camera Development complete
RM-409 Celine 3.2 2008 wk 25 5320 XpressMusic Development complete
RM-356 Tube 5.0 2008 wk 29 5800 XpressMusic Development complete
RM-348 Vivien 3.2 2008 wk 37 N79 In development
? Athlon 3.2 2008 wk 40 N85 refresh. Quadband GSM, HSDPA, 5MP camera with xenon flash, 8-16GB ROM, analog joystick, integrated compass, stereo speakers, GPS, WiFi In development
RM-437 Sofie 3.1 2008 wk 44 E63. E71 downgrade, 2MP camera, no 3G Development complete
RM-331 IP08 5.0 2008 wk 46 Widescreen touch, Naviscroll, QWERTY, AGPS, FM radio and transmitter, 5MP AF camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, TV-out In development
RM-431 Shakira 3.2 2008 wk 46 Candybar, WiFi In development
RM-469 Stella 3.2.3 2008 wk 48 Candybar — successor to E51. AGPS with integrated compass, 3MP camera with LED flash, WiFi In development
RM-482 Terra 3.2.3 2008 wk 48 Version of Stella with hybrid QWERTY keypad In development
RM-424 Gwen 3.2 2008 wk 51 Candybar, AGPS, 5MP AF camera with LED flash In development
? Ivalo 5.0 2008 wk 52 Follow-on to IP08. 3.5-inch wide touchscreen, 32GB ROM, AGPS, FM transmitter and receiver, 5MP camera, WiFi, TV-out, Bluetooth In development
? Mobile Office 09 3.2 2008 wk 52 ? In development
RM-412 Victoria 3.2.3 2009 wk 6 ? In development
RM-343 Dawn 3.1 2008 wk 9 E66 Development complete
? Corolla 5.0.1 2009 wk 11 3.0-inch VGA display, non-touch, 8MP camera, half QWERTY keyboard, 128MB RAM, 8GB ROM, WiFI, UPnP, HSPA, AGPS, FM transmitter In development
P3838 Madeleine 3.2.3 2009 wk 13 Side-sliding QWERTY, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, VoIP, GPS, 3.2MP camera, N-Gage support with gaming keys In development
? Vector 3.2.3 2009 wk 14 ? In development
? Jig 3.2 2009 wk 17 Landscape slider for AT&T using 6650’s guts. Quadband GSM, HSDPA, 2MP camera, 2.4-inch display In development
RM-453 Eitri 5.0.1 2009 wk 17 Landscape candybar with QWERTY, 3.5-inch 640×350 display, minimum 8GB ROM, microSD, pressure sensitive touch UI with tactile feedback and gestures, charging via USB, 5MP AF camera with dual LED flash, integrated compass and accelerometer, proximity sensor, FM transmitter

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