Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to make Kinegram, Moire pattern or Slit Animation with transparencies

Moire animations, also known as slit animations or Kinegrams are Animations that can be printed on paper.
Haven't seen them ? Have a look at this video :

Do you want to make the same ?
It is very simple.
You will need :

  • A printer (Inkjet or laser)
  • Transparent sheet (If you don't have one lying around, get it from a stationary store)
  • Download the files and print
Below are links to the images found in this video so you can print them out and try it yourself. You'll have to print the template onto a transparency. If you have an ink jet printer you have to use a special transparency made specifically for ink jet printers. Laser print works fine with all transparent sheets. When you print the images and the template make sure to print them all at the same size if any of the sizes change the effect will not work.

Here are a few more tutorials :



If you want to make your own animation, and not just print one of the pre-made ones, I recommend this tutorial :


How to easily create your own animated optical illusions, using the program "Animated Illusion Creator".
Download version 2.0 here:
If you want to see more examples of it and download some animations to get started, I recommend that you watch this:

Here is a Kinegram based furniture called Magic Carp-pet

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