Monday, May 18, 2015

Learn to write Braille - punctuations, alphabets, shorthand words, music in Braille

Braille is a system of raised dots developed by Louis Braille to replace the system of raised, embossed letters that blind people had tried using before Braille was invented.

Reading Braille is much less confusing, and much much faster (for someone who learns it) than trying to identify raised letters.

Braille letters embossed on a paper under the respective english letters

But Braille is not only for the individual letters and punctuations. There is some single character Braille for commonly used Braille too - for speed reading.

In fact, there is Braille for reading music too. Here is a certified Braille music transcriber

Do you want to quickly type something in Braille. Well, here is a bunch of free websites that have Text to Braille convertors. Some of them accept text copy pasted in a form on their site. Others allow you to upload an entire word or pdf document and get it transcribed.

This following website actually outputs in Unicode brallie characters, so that it should be visible like text without any font on modern computers :

Another alternative to Braille is Moon :

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