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Is there a cure or treatment for color blindness ? Enchroma glasses vs Oxy Iso glasses

Colorblindness has no permanent cure as of now. But a sort of treatment or workaround is now available in the form of certain special glasses. These glasses change the colors viewed slightly so that the color blind person is able to make out the difference between the different colors. Note that the extent of it effect is dependent on the type of colorblindness.

Update : Comparison of what you see through Oxy-Iso and EnChroma glasses

There was one type of spectacle called Oxy-iso released in 2013, but that was not very effective.

Now, a US based company called Enchroma has released another one which seems to be better than the first one.

Note that they will not work for everyone and also that you may not be able to pass the Isihara test with that(though some people claim a major improvement)

Also, they are very expensive for what its principle is. So, if it works well enough, I'm expecting cheaper variants to be coming in the market soon.

Will Enchoma glasses work for me ?

You can take this particular online color test to find out !

Answer the questions truthfully to get a proper answer.

Oxy-iso vs Enchroma Valspar glasses - which is better ?

 Adam Fenton standing with a painting he made without Oxy-Iso glasses (left) and with the glasses (right). Credit: Adam Fenton
 The newer one is EnChroma and from a cursory glance I feel the Enchoma is better. But whether it is worth the price is doubtful.

Apparently Enchroma gives more natural colors than Oxy Iso(which is very purple).

A kid explains what he sees with the EnChroma glasses for the first time (Caution - vertical video):

Another cheap useful device for colorblind people : Seekey

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