Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to always solve a Rubik's cube like Will Smith - a beginner's guide

You might have seen world record timings in solving the Rubik's cube and robots that solve the Rubik's cube. But have you solved it yourself, even if you have a lot of time ? Do you know how to go about it.

Have you solved only 2 sides and got stuck becuase any further movies would jumble up the solved sides ?

There are now variations of the cube too

Here's the tutorial to solve any 3x3 standard Rubik's cube all the time.

It's not difficult to learn. You just have to memorize a few moves.

These are the steps you will need to follow :

Top Cross 1:27
Top Corners 3:46
T-Letter 6:08 D L D L' D' F' D' F / D' R' D' R D F D F'
Bottom Cross 9:01 F U R U' R' F'
Bottom Corners 10:05 R U R' U R U U R'
Side Corners 11:21 R' F R' B B R F' R' B B R R
The Edges 12:41 F F U L R' F F L' R U F F

There are many other tutorials too :

Impress your friends with this new found talent.

Will Smith solves it in "The Pursuit of Happyness" to impress a potential employer.

Later he learnt how to do it for real, and did it on air.

Here's a video clip of Will Smith doing it live on air. Very fast. He's cool.

You can do it too.

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