Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dangerous animals of australia - part two. Crocodiles with freaking lasers

Previously, I had listed some dangerous animals of Australia and reiterated that Australia is full of exotic and dangerous animals.

Here is a BBC documentary remixed by Youtuber(Blackhawk) and redditor (PapercutUnderNail) to show some more dangerous Australian animals.

Though there are no sharks with head mounted lasers in real life yet, in Australia, you get very close to that.

What would a nature documentary be like if the animals were armed with our favourite weapons?

Original Video:

BBC Two:

BBC YouTube:

Reddit thread/gif:

Laser sound at 0:40 (and croc lasers onward):

Many sounds from Halo 4 including Plasma Pistol, Bolt Shot Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon, Carbine Rifle (zoom and shots), and Armour Abilities.

This video contains material that is copyright of it's respective owners, and is used here under part 107 of Fair Use Act for non-profit use.

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