Saturday, May 30, 2020

WeTransfer BANNED in India - what are the other options ?

During this COVID19 lockdown, Government of India via Department of Telecommunications has banned WeTransfer ! WeTransfer was used to send large files which would not fit inside an email attachment. It was one of the few ways of sending larger files (upto 2Gb) by mail, which isn't possible via Gmail.

Large files in the Office can be transferred by Pen Drive. OTG Pen Drives can  be used to send from Phone to Laptop also.

But in this lockdown, we cannot go to the office or use pen drives even to share files to the net door neighbor.

Why ?
It is not clear why it was blocked exactly.

The DoT has cited national interest and public interest as the reasons for banning the website.

There have been an outrage against Chinese Apps and software like TikTok, UCBrowser, WeChat and others, but this WeTransfer is by Dutchman Bas Beerens from Holland. Not China !
Bas Beerens
Bas Beerens is a Dutch entrepreneur who founded the file-sharing platform WeTransfer with Nalden (Ronald Hans) and Rinke Visser in 2009. Beerens also runs the design consultancy OY Communications, from which WeTransfer was developed, initially as OY Transfer.
Use another alternative Free File transfer website like WeTransfer. Or use a Pen Drive

  • WeSendIt ..
  • Google Drive..
  • Dropbox Transfer..
  • Firefox Send..
  • HighTail (previously known as YouSendIt)

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