Friday, May 22, 2020

COVID19 and the LockDown - finally a time to sit down, read and introspect.

After several years, I am reactivating this blog. Why ?

Covid19 - hopefully the last disaster of 2020. Unfortunately, it has become a global pandemic and necessitated a lockdown in most of the world.

This lockdown is indeed a good time to catch up on Books and Podcasts.

Try the Amazon Audible Trial for India.

The audiobook is something hardcore readers may shy away from - but that is without understanding the concept. If you have only ever experienced a robotic voice reading a book - please understand that that is not what audiobooks are.

Audiobooks are read by humans as storytellers,
some of their voices show the emotions and stories come alive with their voice emoting. Most importantly, audiobooks are useful when you are doing something else with your eyes and cannot read. They are best when driving, while at the gym, while waiting in line without a book in hand. Have a go at audiobooks with this free trial from Audible.
Audible Free Trial (

Audible Free Trial

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