Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ZooZoos have captured IPL 2009 viewers attention over the 20-20s

Vodafone's Zoozoos have captured the attention of the imaginative public.
Kudos to the team behind the ZooZoos.

What a silly name. But they look real cute.

In fact, even though it looks animated, they are really beautiful actresses in those huge costumes, with the set made to be quite big to make the Zoozoos look smaller than they actually are.

Here are a few of the ZooZoos videos : Enjoy !!!

Vodafone IPL Contest - Be the Star of the Match
Vodafone IPL Contest TV ad with Zoozoos in action, aired during IPL matches - Win a trip to South Africa.

Vodafone Musical Greetings

Vodafone Magic Box 2

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