Monday, June 01, 2015

Why women should not throw away old electronics and apples

A woman cleaned out her husband's old electronics stuff after he passed away and luckily gave it to a very honest scrapyard. While disposing off the stuff, they junkyard employees found that one of the items was a rare Apple I computer. A similar Apple I was sold for $365,000 last December(2014), so they set it up for auction and got $200,000 for it. Being honest people, they are going to share 50% of the proceeds with the lady. The thing is, they don't have any identification of the woman as of now. They are just waiting  for her to read the news and show up at their junkyard to claim the amount.

The recycling firm  is called Clean Bay Area from South Bay. Their vice president Victor Gichun said that he only remembers what she looks like and that she drove an SUV. Hope she gets the reward and thinks twice before throwing away old stuff.

Source : Venture Beat , Mercury News

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