Friday, June 26, 2015

Linda Watson's murder mystery closer to an ending

Firefighter arrested 15 years after his ex-wife, her mother and innocent neighbor were 'murdered during bitter custody dispute'

  • Pima County Sheriffs say David Watson, 46, killed his ex Linda Watson while they fought over custody of their daughter in 2000
  • Three years later, police say Watson murdered his ex mother-in-law in a drive-by shooting at the very home where Linda Watson first vanished
  • Marilyn Cox had been fighting for visitation rights over her granddaughter - she was gunned down alongside her neighbor Renee Farnsworth in 2003

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There was also an earlier news article

Feb 20, 2014
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Three murders, three years apart, but deputies have no doubt they're linked. Linda Watson disappeared in 2000. Her mother Marilyn Cox and neighbor Renee Farnsworth killed in 2003. The question still lingering more than a decade later is by who?
Inside the holy walls at Victory Church, it's the last place anyone saw Linda Watson alive. Watson drove home just a few blocks away. She was there, when she vanished.
If you have any information about this case that can help detectives, call 88-crime. You can also reach out to the Pima County Sheriff Department's Cold Case Unit at (520)351-6849.

Now, there was a story posted on tumblr which may or may not be true (and is definitely unrelated :

So this is a box I found that was hidden in a mall for presumably ~6 months by now. Aside from the latch, there were rubber bands keeping the box shut. Inside the box is a bundle of tightly-folded pieces of paper. It is a story/recollection written by a 19-year-old girl who has apparently killed a random person just because she was wondering what it would be like. According to the paper, she wrote this just a few hours after the murder and that I am the first person to read it.
So yeah, I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight.
Anyway, I typed up the entire story because I seriously need to share this. Here it is. 

Probably fake.

But if its not, we are looking for a Linda Watson with a birth date of December 11th, 1980.
That makes her 34 years old in December 2014.

If its real, the person who posted  it would have taken it to the police. Or atleast given the place where it was found. Besides, the story is posted on a specially made tumbler page with nothing else on it.

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