Tuesday, June 09, 2015

iPad gets multiwindow multitasking - update from WWDC 2015

Apple has finally brought multiwindowed multitasking to the iPad (like what the Android tablets had with the latest update - P.S. Android users could enable it even before the latest update).

It looks awesome and perfect for combining work and play.

They introduced three methods of multiwindow

  • SplitView :- Opens two apps in split screen, either in a 50/50 or 70/30 split. You can scroll both apps simultaneously.
  • SlideOver :- lets you swipe another app in from the side
  • Picture-in-Picture :- opens a little viewer in the corner to put an app inside
SlideOver and Picture-in-Picture will be available on the iPad Air and up, Mini 2 and up. Split View is only for the iPad Air 2.

That's going to be very very efficient. Especially on the larger iPads that are coming out soon.

The've also introduced a cursor.

  • If you put two fingers on the keyboard, it'll work like a trackpad. You can use a mouse arrow.

At WWDC 2015, they also introduced iOS9 which includes the new News App that'll collect all your favorite news into one place. 

And Apple Music tie up with Beats is bringing you real Music recommendations from real music lovers - not just a computer algorithm. Also, musicians can set up their own fanpages like on Facebook where they Connect with fans.

Some of the main announcements and new products unveiled at WWDC 2015 yesterday.

  • The latest OS X will be named OS X El Capitan. Features include: Natural language searches and auto-arrange windows. You can make the cursor bigger by shaking the mouse and pin sites in Safari now. 1.4x faster than Yosemite. Available to developers today, public beta in July, out for free in the fall.
  • Metal, the graphics API is coming to Mac. "Metal combines the compute power of OpenCL and the graphics power of OpenGL in a high-performance API that does both." Up to 40% greater rendering efficiency.
  • iOS 9: New Siri UI. There’s an API for search. Siri and Spotlight are getting more integrated. Siri getting better at prediction with a far lower word error rate. You can make checklists, draw and sketch inside of Notes. Maps gets some love. New app called News "We think this offers the best mobile reading experience ever." Like Flipboard it pulls in news articles from your favorite sites. HomeKit now supports window shades, motion sensors, security systems, and remote access via iCloud. Public Beta for iOS 9.
  • Apple Pay: All four major credit card companies and over 1 million locations supporting Apple Pay as of next month. Apple Pay reader developed by Square, for peer-to-peer transactions. Apple Pay coming to the UK next month support in 250,000 locations including the London transportation system. Passbook is being renamed "Wallet."
  • iPad: Shortcuts for app-switching, split-screen multitasking and QuickType. Put two fingers down on the keyboard and it becomes a trackpad. Side by side apps. Picture in picture available on iPad Air and up, Mini 2 and up.
  • CarPlay: Now works wirelessly and supports apps by the automaker.
  • Swift 2,the latest version of Apple’s programing language . Swift will be open source.
  • The App Store: Over 100 billion app downloads, and $30 billion paid to developers.
  • Apple Watch: watchOS 2 with new watch faces. Developers can build their own "complications" (widgets with a terrible name that show updates and gauges on the watch face). A new feature called Time Travel lets you rotate the digital crown to zoom into the future and see what’s coming up. More new features: reply to email, bedside alarm clock, send scribbled messages in multiple colors. You can now play video on the watch. Developer beta of watchOS 2 available today, wide release in the fall for free.
  • Apple Music: “The next chapter in music. It will change the way you experience music forever,” says Cook. Live DJs broadcasting and hosting live radio streams you can listen to in 150 countries. Handpicked suggestions. 24/7 live global radio. Beats Connect lets unsigned artists connect with fans. Beats Music has all of iTunes’ music, to buy or stream. With curated recommendations. Launching June 30th in 100 countries with Android this fall, with Windows and Android versions. First three months free, $9.99 a month or $14.99 a month for family plan for up to six.

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