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Vodafone ZooZoo's Wallpaper Downloads, free emoticons

Zoozoos are people too ...

Have you seen the Vodafone Ads with animated cartoon characters with an alien look or simply a stupid egg-head character with disproportional white bodies and black dots for eyes and mouth ?

Here is a link to the videos if you want to see them.

Well, they are NOT animated ! And they are not stupid either ...

And have become a sensation in cricket crazy India, being watched with as much interest as the 20-20 IPL matches themselves.
What was the Hutch / Orange / Vodafone Dog's name ?

And Zoozoos have replaced the good old Hutch pug ‘Chika’ who was later replaced by "Spikey".
Chitika was they dog in "Wherever you go, our network follows", by Hutch (earlier Orange, now Vodafone).

What are those white coloured eggheads called ?

These Zoo Zoos Vodafone TV ads may resemble animated cartoon creatures, but they are people too. Some Mumbai actresses (yeah, but not Bollywood) are in those costumes and it is shot in an oversized ad film set.

It was created by the creative team at Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) India.

The Vodafone company plans to air 30 different commercials featuring the Zoozoos during the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) Twenty20 cricket series .

Several characters were drawn up and considered by executive creative director (South Asia) Rajiv Rao and his team at O&M India, before they settled in on Zoozoo.

“We were very close to what you see as the final version of Zoozoo. The only difference was that we had two options, one that looked more like Mr. Potato Head, a completely round body with thin limbs… the other, a thinner version with a big head and scrawny limbs. We picked the latter as it was easier to have head and body movements in that costume,” says Rao.

And then, in two-and-a-half months, the agency had to come up with the films, each of which is 20-30 seconds long.

“We had to shoot, edit and finish sound recording for 30 different television commercials in 10 days. The whole thing, pre-production included, took a little over a month and was shot completely in Cape Town, South Africa,” says Rao.

Zoozoos are not animated characters but are actually slim women actors from local Mumbai theatres, dressed in white costumes that are stuffed with foam to portray the characters.

Here is a link to the videos if you want to see them in action

Still want more ?

Here is an overdose !!!

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