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Testimonial and scrapbook orkut viruses

Testimonials and Scrapbooks affected by virus spreading via Orkut

Opa , como está? Olha, vazou na internet imagens amadoras do garoto João Hélio que foi cruelmente morto por assaltantes do RJ ao ficar preso ao cinto de segurança do carro de sua família que fora roubado. O Brasil todo está comovido com o ocorrido, rezemos por ele!
Para ver as imagens, copie o link e cole no navegador:
Tenha uma ótima semana!!!Chdd\ arZro`^ cn`rghm\tinshm^`m`+sm_rq).mjboY44.kgi

Got this message in a scrap ? It's from a virus. Tell the person who sent it to you that their computer is infected.

Use an antivirus ! Update it freequently - Use the Google Pack to install Norton Security Scan & Spyware Doctor Starter Edition - Available as free download from my blog sidebar - Look on the right !

Remove Orcu virus from your computer as given here :

This is what you get translated from Portuguese !
The gibberish from the automatic web traslater at google or Babel fish looks like :
Opa, how are you? It looks at, leaked in the Internet amateur images of the boy João Helium that was cruel died for assailant of the RIO DE JANEIRO when imprisoned being to the belt of security of the car of its family that it are stolen. Brazil all is comovido with the occurrence, prays for it! To see the images, it copies link and it glue in the navigator: Has an excellent week! Chdd \  arZro `^  cn `r  ghm  \ tins  hm  ^ `m `+sm_rq) .mjboY44.kgi
It's a bad translation- I'll get the proper one later ...
Can anyone translate for me ?

Another one :
(Using of "Você" suggests Brazilian )

Você é uma pessoa especial.
Deixo este depoimento aqui para expressar minha amizade, com uma mensagem linda que serve como lição de vida para qualquer pessoa.
Viva a vida enquanto pode!
"You are a special person. I am leaving this comment here to express my friendship, with a nice message which serves as a life lesson to anyobe.
(website address given)
Live life while you can!! (i.e. Live life to the full!)
More :
Oi , como vai? Olha só, encontrei umas fotos do seu perfil num site de encontros, mas com o nome de outra pessoa, é bom vc dar uma olhadinha nisso, pois é realmente muito estranho. Tirei uma foto da página, para caso ela seja removida antes que veja.
O link da página é
Copie-o e cole no navegador para visualizar.
Assim que tiver visto, me confirme se não é um equívoco.

"Hi, how's it going? Look, I found some photos from your profile on a meeting site, but with someone else's name, anyway, just take a look at it, it's really weird. I took one photo from the page just in case it got deleted before you see it. The link for the page is

Tries to install imagens_site.scr WHICH IS A VIRUS !!!!

This virus virus is more dangerous than the earlier ones as it has not only entered not only our scrapbooks but testimonials as well......

How does it spread?
It spreads through infected contacts. An orkut account gets infected once you click on the link. The Trojan posts a message in your friend's scrapbook area or a testimonial of the Orkut system. The message text is chosen by the attacker and can be a random sentence written in Brazilian Portuguese

Name of the Trojan: Infostealer.Orcu

Norton’s Description: Infostealer.Orcu is a Trojan horse that attempts to steal confidential information, such as bank and Paypal accounts. It may arrive as a message spammed across the Orkut network.

Systems Affected: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Hackers are trying to steal Orkut users' bank account information by inserting an automated information theft worm, according to security researchers. The worm, known as MW.Orc, is propagating through Orkut when users launch an executable file disguised as a JPEG.

Only one thing we can do is prevention, ie not to open such files and delete it from ur scrapbook, inbox or testimonial ...... If somehow this virus gets into someones PC then i suggest u run an antivirus as fast as u can......

Plus u can always spread awareness about these viruses and spamming....

By the way tinyurlcomyompks is now blocked by when they found out it is a virus.

Remove Orcu virus from your computer as given here :

There are so many viruses out there - look at the Yahoo messenger virus which may even affect the photo album.

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