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How to go to and What website ccTLD addresses does my Blogger address have ?

What website addresses does my address have ?

Google's blogger has many different country level domains for each single blogspot domain.

How to stop blogspot from redirecting to a country domain ?

If you type /ncr just after the domain name for example- , then it will not redirect to your local domain. 

Anyway, as a blog master your shouldn't let the visitors follow any boring way to prevent redirection. Because you can control the redirection by the code below! Okay let's try: 

  1. Make sure you're signed in to your blogger's control panel I mean design or dashboard.
  2. Now go to the template option. (Backup your template if necessary)
  3. Click on Edit HTML. Now you can see the code of your template. 
  4. Hit on the template box and Press Ctrl+F to enable search within the code box.
  5. find the of your template and then copy the code below and place it just below the head tag. (Look at the image below)
  6. Save the template. Done! 

BUT Why do this ?

The ccTLDs were made by Blogger to make country specific censorship easier.

Some countries are quick to censor content posted on blogs and since many such governments do not know much about how the internet works, they simply ask the ISPs to blobk the whole domain.

They issue the order, block, and POOF ! All blogspot blogs are blocked.

What happens when Blogger is banned in a country ? 

Naturally when blogger is banned by the Govt. of a country the visitors from that country will not be able to see your site. But they will be able to visit the .com version of your site by  using /ncr just after the domain. But if you use the above code in your site, visitors will automatically be able to visit your site!

I think now you understand the importance of using this code

Here is a list of blogspot domains.

August 2015 Whatsapp Updates - Mark Unread, Google Drive, Mute Contact, Low Data

Latest updates in Whatsapp

1. Mark as Unread

With the upcoming update, Android users will soon be able to mark messages as unread even after reading them.

To be clear, this feature does not make it appear as if you have not read the message yet, and your messages will appear as read to senders even after you mark them as unread.

Instead, it can be used to highlight messages so you can get back to them later. Also, marking a message as unread will not change the order of conversations on the app.

2. Custom notifications

WhatsApp is bringing its whole set of custom options, which are available only for the whole app at present, for individual contacts.

For example, if you want to set a specific ringtone for a contact, you can select any song from your playlist, so you know the messages and calls are from that particular person even without looking at your smartphone.

Similarly, you can set notification light colours, separate call and message ringtones, enable or disable vibrations and pop-up notifications for each contact.

3. Mute individual contacts

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

'Archie' comics cartoonist Tom Moore dies in El Paso, Texas - Also how does Archie Andrews die ?

Tom Moore, the Archie creator who brought to life the escapades of a freckled-face, red-haired character, has passed away in El Paso, Texas at the age of 86.

Moore, who began drawing cartoons while in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War, died early Monday morning while in hospice care in his hometown of El Paso, his son Lito Bujanda-Moore told The Associated Press on Tuesday. He said his father was diagnosed with throat cancer within the past week and chose not to undergo treatment.

Moore drew Archie Andrews and his friends on and off from 1953 until he retired in the late 1980s. Annual sales of the comic regularly surpassed half a million during the 1960s, according to the El Paso Times.

“I did one comic book a month,” Moore told the newspaper in 1996. “I did everything. We always worked six months ahead. I’d be doing Christmas issues in June and beach stories with a foot of snow outside my window.”

After the war, Moore used funding available through the GI Bill to attend a school in New York for cartoonists. He studied under “Tarzan” comic strip illustrator Burne Hogarth.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unicellular Eye found in a Dinoflagellate Warnowiid - iCell

In an article/letter published in the Journal "Nature" on July 1st, 2015(paywalled), Gregory S. Gavelis, Shiho Hayakawa, Richard A. White III, Takashi Gojobori, Curtis A. Suttle, Patrick J. Keeling & Brian S. Leander explain that they found a single celled eye in the already complex unicellular Warnowiid Dinoflagellate.

Warnowiid Dinofalgellates are plankton have been previously been studied for their highly elaborate ultrastructural systems: pistons, nematocysts, and ocelloids in a single celled eukaryote. (free full text)

But that is nothing compared to the complexity of an eye. The human eye is very complicated, but the octopus eye is even more so, and more efficient. Come to think of it, Octopi can actually sense light with their skin !

Single celled organism with an EYE (Ocelloid)

This Dinoflagellate Warnowiid is a single-celled sea orgaism that has fashioned itself an eye with a basic lens, cornea and retina. That is incredibly complex for a single cell.

In fact, the ‘ocelloid’ within the planktonic predator looks so much like a complex eye that it was originally mistaken for the eye of an animal that the plankton had eaten.

The warnowiid is found off the coast of Canada and Japan, but only in tiny numbers. Researchers first stumbled across one more than a century ago, but studying the creature proved difficult because it rapidly disintegrates after being taken out of seawater.

To catch his own warnowiid, Gregory S. Gavelis searched seawater samples under a microscope for a year. When he eventually found one he froze it in plastic resin, preserving it like a fly trapped in amber. He then made a 3-D model by taking snapshots of the warnowiid under an electron microscope – and was stunned by what he saw.

While other single-celled creatures can detect light using “eyespots” – simple structures that allow an organism to tell dark from light – the warnowiid seemed to have repurposed its internal organelles to form what resembled the lens, cornea, iris and retina of a complex eye.

The “cornea”, for example – the transparent outer layer at the front of the eye – was made of mitochondria, the bits of the cell normally responsible for energy production. The mitochondria in the warnowiid interlocked to form a sheet-like layer around the lens, curved to concentrate incoming light on to the “retina”.

(Left : Electomicrograph Right :Schematic ) of the Eye of the Warnowiid

The light-sensing “retina” at the back of the eye was made up of plastids, structures normally involved in photosynthesis. The team extracted genetic material from inside the plastids and found it rich in algal DNA. The team suspects that at some point during evolution, a warnowiid ancestor gobbled up some algae and adopted its photosynthetic equipment. When the organism later abandoned photosynthesis for the predatory life, it repurposed its light-capturing plastids into a light-sensing organ.

What is the Warnowiid Eye used for ?

It is not clear how warnowiids use their “eye”, but the authors believe they’re used to hunt. Warnowiids spiral through the water as they swim and Gavelis thinks the eye lets them see flashes of light as it bounces off the single-celled organisms that are their prey. The lens likely concentrates incoming light to increase sensitivity – rather than projecting an image as our own eye does.

Solution to A0A1A0A1A0C1 A0B1A0A1C0 A0B1D0A1 A0C1A0A1B0 B0A1E0 riddle - Spoiler alert

There was a secret code puzzle posted on reddit a few days ago. In the days before internet, that meant days and days of looking for a solution and finally somebody figures it out.

And then, someone else figures it out. Very very slowly.

But now that we are in the age of the internet, collaborative puzzle solving is the norm.

So, here is the puzzle :

And Spoiler alert : the solution is also posted below it.

The code: A0A1A0A1A0C1 A0B1A0A1C0 A0B1D0A1 A0C1A0A1B0 B0A1E0 A0B1A0A1B0A1 A0C1B0B1 B0A1E0 A0D1B0A1 A0B1A0D1 A0C1A0A1A0A1 A0C1B0A1A0 B0A1E0 A0C1A0C1 A0B1A0D1 A0C1B0A1A0 A0C1B0B1 A0C1A0A1B0 B0A1E0 A0B1A0C1A0 A0B1A0A1B0A1 A0B1B0C1 A0B1A0A1C0 A0C1A0A1B0 A0B1A0B1A0A1 A0B1D0A1 A0C1B0A1A0 A0B1B0A1A0A1 B0F1 B0A1E0

A hint has been given: "There are thirty blocks of code. Each 'block' of code needs to be translated into an intermediate code, which can be translated into English"

P.S. Those are zeroes, not the letter O.







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