Sunday, July 12, 2015

GO FAST Jet Pack and a Mythbusters Jetpack build special

Jet packs had always been a staple of sci-fi action movies. Several attempts at making jetpacks have resulted in many working prototypes over the years. Though they are very fuel inefficient, dangerous and expensive, they appeal to the basic senses of many who want to fly like a superhero - like Iron man.

Here is a video of the Go Fast jetpack. This video is from 2011. There have been some improvements over the past 4 years.

The Go Fast Jet Pack, at it's best!

Another high flying, action packed, highlight reel of the Go Fast Jet Pack.

This compilation features select footage of various Go Fast Jet Pack Flights through out the world.

See Go Fast Jet Pack Pilot Eric Scott step up and take off!

For more Go Fast Jet Pack Videos, visit the Jet Pack International website at

Mythbusters Jamie and Adam tried to make a "Jet"pack powered by ducted fans made for the minimum costs, but did they try hard enough ?

Myths tested:
Can a jet pack be created from plans on the internet?
Do pyramids have special powers?


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