Monday, July 13, 2015

Fitness Tracker range from Fitbit comes to India on Amazon

Ou there with the smartwatches is another breed of wearable gadget. Though smartwatches have been polarising people regarding whether it is really a gadget of any use, fitness tracking aspect of the smartwatches is one point of desire.

Now, for those who do not want an Apple Watch or a Galaxy Gear Watch, Fitbit had a range of fitness trackers which are watches with fitness tracking like sleep tracking, pedometer, exercise logger and heart rate monitor.

Fitbit has finally brought to India the Fitbit Range of Fitness Trackers.

Fitbit vs jawbone fitness trackers

There are a few special features that are only available on select Fitbit models. However, there are many features that are available on every single Fitbit, no matter the price point. Every Fitbit model on the market today has the following features: tracking for active minutes during the day, tracking for steps, tracking for calories, and tracking for distance. Most, but not all, will track your sleep. Many of the Fitbit devices will track floors climbed or offer you a silent alarm to wake you without waking your partner. Nearly all Fitbit trackers have a display for the time.

Only one Fitbit wearable, the Fitbit Surge, has GPS built in. A couple of Fitbit trackers have heart rate monitoring, including the top-of-the-line Surge. There’s also the Charge HR. The Fitbit Charge HR is one step above the the Fitbit Charge, which lacks the heart rate monitoring you’ll find in the Charge HR.

Fitbit also benefits from a recent partnership with Tory Burch, enabling users of the Fitbit Flex to give their tracker a seriously cool, fashion-friendly upgrade. This gorgeous Fitbit accessory is so craveable, we also featured it on our list of the best gifts for women. They may carry a premium price tag, but these bracelets are worth a bit of a splurge.

Another cool Fitbit accessory is the Fitbit Aria smart scale, a body weight scale that will upload your weight and other stats automatically via Wi-Fi to the Fitbit website.

Jawbone also has some cool accessories you can use with your Jawbone tracker, including the very futuristic Orange Chef Prep Pad. This kitchen cutting board/scale plays nice with the Jawbone app, allowing you to get an accurate glimpse at your nutrition. It’s also able to give you advice about what to eat post-workout.

Unfortunately, no Jawbone trackers offer built-in GPS at this time. That being said, the whole lineup of current Jawbone trackers boasts the same core features: activity tracking, sleep tracking, food logging and smart coaching. The UP3 also includes “Heart Health” tracking features.

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