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Cinemagraphs and GIFs for Google Plus and Facebook Cover page photos

Strawberry Cinemagraph - note the seamless endless transition
Cinemagraphs are classy GIF animations that are great photos with a little bit of motion. Very artistic.

What is the difference between any GIF(pronounced JIF) and a cinemagraph ?

Cinemagraphs are a lot more sophisticated. They tend to start with a high-quality still photograph as their source – an image that could stand alone as a great photo if viewed without animation.

 The camera position does not change, and most cinemagraphs drastically limit the motion involved in the image – some are so subtle it can be hard to spot the animation. Finally, the motion is repeated as seamlessly as possible.
When a cinemagraph is executed correctly, the simple GIF becomes something subtle, artistic and expressive.

Almost Cinegraph of a Sunrise (or was it a sunset ?) - note that it is not seamless
How to add a Cinemagraph GIF as a Google Plus Cover Image ?

Very Very simple !
First, find a good cinemagraph with wide enough resolutions. (Or make one from a video to gif convertoer)

Then, go to your Google Plus Profile Page.
Move your mouse to the cover picture, when you hover on it, a "Change cover" option should pop up

Click "Change cover" and then click Upload on the top of the page to select your Cinemagraph GIF and select it as cover picture.

After upload is complete, you might have to refresh the page to show the updated cinemagraph cover image.

How to add an animated GIF / Cinemagraph in Facebook Cover page ?

This is complicated because Facebook does not officially support it and is removing all tricks which allowed uploading GIFs on facebook.

One such trick is shown in this video - it needs Chrome browser(OR Firefox browser with Firebug installed)

Update : I think it is not working anymore. But facebook has started allowing GIFs in its feeds, so maybe they will officially allow it soon. Especially since Google Plus has the option to add GIFs(Cinemagraphs) as Cover Images.

How to make a Cinemagraph ?
Not very difficult if you are can find the right source photos. (Use Google Image Search)
To make your own, follow this video :

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