Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Fool made real - Text and Walk OR Email and Walk

Remember Txt'n'Walk, the April Fool's Day mobile software that lets you text and walk at the same time and not fall ?

If not, read this first

Well, Phase2 Media just released Email 'n Walk, for free at the iTunes App Store.

This is not an April fool joke.

This is real !!! And this is much better than the text and Walk concept, because it uses a bigger screen area.

And uses it as the background, s u don't even have to move your eyeballs to see the lamppost u are about to walk into ...

Hope the next version comes with radar and automatic detection or dangers with Artificial intelligence.

As you can see in the top shot, it's a beautiful email implementation of the same idea, more attractive, in fact, than the Pocket-Lint gag app (shown below). The only difference is, obviously, that you can send emails but you can't send text messages, which is still controlled by the Apple/AT&T iron claw.

I downloaded it for free—apparently this is a limited-time offer—but haven't had a chance to load it up, so feel free to share your impressions in comments.


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