Thursday, March 29, 2007

Contagion - Worms spreading via

Firstly, let me tell you it's not Orkut's Fault.

By blocking the virus, Orkut will have to make it tougher to use the features it offers.

But I still can't understand, how the worm bypasses the CAPTCHA (or something like that) that is the Image Verification feature required for posting links !!!

Just browsing through orkut wont spread virus. But once you click the link - U're done for ....

These are some of the links the virus used (now blocked by

Oi , como vai? Olha só, encontrei umas fotos do seu perfil num site de encontros, mas com o nome de outra pessoa, é bom vc dar uma olhadinha nisso, pois é realmente muito estranho. Tirei uma foto da página, para caso ela seja removida antes que veja.
O link da página é
Copie-o e cole no navegador para visualizar.
Assim que tiver visto, me confirme se não é um equívoco.

Click here to learn How to remove the Orcu virus (Orkut virus or worm )...

1.Check your machine for "minhasfotos.exe," "winlogon_.jpg" and "wzip32.exe," . and if it is there scan your system with ewido,spybot,adaware and antivirus

To reduce virus or worm infections

1. Use antivirus

2. Use of browser other than IE will be better ( Firefox - Download Firefox from my sidebar )

3. also use followinf scanners

Contagion - Worms spreading via

1. Ewido - or

2. Adaware -

3. Spybot -

try the removal tools

if you dont have an antivirus in your system try any of the following they are free

1. or

2. avast -

use crap cleaner (To remove unwanted files like temporary folder contents and etc, also it have some registry issue fixes also)

download it from

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