Monday, July 17, 2006

The virus evolves !!!


The virus has evolved - just like a biological virus !!!
This is the latest scrap that I saw :

Oieee, all joia? I came here to deliver to a virtual card pra vc!

CLIQUE no link para ler seu cartão!!!

http://(suspicious link)

(Scrapped user's name - wow ! clever !)
Leia seu cartão e aproveite para saber como ganhar um MP3 player.

Tudo de Bom...

Still working out what this is and how to eliminate it ...

More later ... Follow the instructions on my previous posts for removing the virus.


ghee said...

John,this is indeed an info especially for a computer illiterate like me,LOL!

Thanx!! I`ll tell my friends about this!!

Good luck and please share us your researches about this if there`s any progress.


saksa said...

Thank you.

En101, skypename sarahaba, Icq: 168529177

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