Monday, October 26, 2009

Windows 7 in India - Prices in rupees

Windows 7 has come out and its definitely better than Win XP (which was better than Vista).

Here lets have a look at the prices in India.

What you pay and what you get
* Windows 7 Starter (via OEM only): Up to three concurrent applications, ability to join a Home Group, improved taskbar and JumpLists.

* Windows 7 Home Basic: For Rs 5,899, users get unlimited applications, live thumbnail previews that enhance visual experience and advanced networking support.

* Windows 7 Home Premium: For Rs 6,799, you get Aero Glass and advanced windows navigation, improved media format support, enhanced Windows Media Centre and media streaming, and also multi-touch and improved handwriting recognition.

* Windows 7 Professional: For Rs 11,199, users can join a managed network with the Domain Join feature, protect data with advanced network backup and encrypting file system and print to the right printer at home or facilitate intuitive printing with Location Aware Printing option.

* Windows 7 Ultimate (worldwide): For Rs 11,799, it is meant for advanced users who want to protect data using the BitLocker feature on internal and external drives, deploy DirectAccess for seamless connectivity over corporate networks based on Windows Server 2008 R2.

# In Win 7, when you hover over a taskbar icon, you get actual previews that are placed side by side. In simple words, it offers the ability to snap a window to half your screen size simply by dragging it to the left or right of the screen
# Has a cool new feature with which users can drag windows to each side of the screen and they automatically size themselves so that each takes up half the screen
# User Account Control in Win 7 gives users easy control options without complicating the process like Windows Vista
# Win 7 replaces the taskbar context menu with a useful list of frequently used documents and tasks, and even allows you to pin documents or shortcuts to the menu
# Windows Explorer gets a facelift in Win 7. Some minor changes like while browsing between various tabs, you will now see a sliding windows effect, a nice visual effect
# Once you have installed the OS, the first thing you will notice is the faster shutdown and boot. Even the time taken by the machine to enter and come out of the sleep mode is less than Vista and XP
# For those who love to open an array of windows while working, the new Aero Peek feature in Win 7 lets you preview individual windows from the grouped taskbar applications, and even close documents from the thumbnails themselves. Aero Peek becomes a handy tool for users who like to multi-task

Haunted by sluggish performance issues, from playing games to complicated disk access programmes to poor networking features, Vista was undoubtedly Microsoft’s biggest failure. Win 7, by contrast, will run fine on most of the existing netbooks as well as older PCs.

Win 7 delivers a completely revamped user interface and some brand-new features designed to make organising and sharing your files easier. Simply put, the user gets much more than new wallpaper and a different colour taskbar.

The taskbar, in addition to showing the applications being used by the user, also hosts shortcuts to the most commonly used applications (say Word or Media Player). When the mouse pointer is moved over the taskbar shortcuts, the user can preview the application.

Unlike Vista, the re-designed user interface of Win 7 gives the user intuitive shortcuts like ability to maximise a window by dragging it to the top of the screen, minimise it by dragging it to the bottom, maximise to half the screen by dragging it to either edge, or (our favorite) minimising all opened windows by shaking the one you want to focus on.

What type of PCs and laptopscan run Windows 7?
The basic requirements of a PC to run Win 7 are a 1 GHz processor, minimum 1GB of RAM and 16GB hard drive space. In simple words, any hardware that worked with Vista will work for Win 7 too.

Since Microsoft is targeting future generation of casual users who use computers for mainly emails, office documents, Internet and video among other things, Win 7 could be an ideal choice for future PCs.

HP India has started retailing Win 7-preloaded PCs at between Rs 27,990 and Rs 90,000, while Acer PCs with Win 7 OS will be priced at between Rs 15,000 and Rs 35,000. Acer notebooks with the new OS will be priced at Rs 21,000-70,000.

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