Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Spirit [2008] movie is more beautiful than Sin City, but has no good story

The latest graphic novel movie from Frank Miller is "The Spirit" based on the novel by Will Eisner. The visulization is like that in Sin City with contrasting shades of grey and gray and 16.7 million shades of grey.

The film is full of graphics work, which is just designed to confuse eyes into believing the unreal story; that is presented as a perfectly plausible the good, the bad and the beautiful storyline.

Will Eisner probably meant it as a funny comic(oops, graphic novel), but Frank Miller ended up giving it a dark and sinister, though beautiful theme.

There is a lot of eye candy to keep most people watching it more than once, but soon you realize that there is something missing.

Is it the story ? Probably. Or the theme itself ? Maybe

The camera work and video editing are innovative and I just love the way it is presented. The narration is exactly like I imagine it should be. And the c of the City being someone whom you love and who cares for you, is something close to my heart. I would give it a rating of 80-90% for innovative videography and visualisation and 30-40% for story. Especially because the jokes become embedded in too much darkness that we are still waiting for the tragic end even after the joke is unwrapped.

Overall, I loved it. And enjoyed "watching" it.

But that is just me. Some others recommend : Skip this flick if u come across it...

IMDb link:

IMDb rating : 5.0/ 10 (11,466 votes)

My rating for it would be appoximately,

Innovation 84%
Cinematography 78%
Special Effects 79%
Video Editing 80%
Background score 75%
Sound Effects 69%
Storyline 38%
Dialogues : seriousness 54%
Dialogues : comedy 82%

Overall watchability
Just for fun 88%
Expecting reality 20%
Comic book fan 75%
Eye candy fan 82%

Head over to the Movie Toad's Review of The Spirit to know exactly how bad he thinks it is.

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Do leave your comments about the movie at Movie Toad's Review of The Spirit


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