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Review of - a site that compares web hosting services

Continuing on the topic of making your own website . . .

Buying Hosting Space

Once you have bought a domain name for yourself, and are ready to start building your site(which could be long after you bought the domain name), you need to know what the best deals available are, for buying a good hosting plan.

to buy to not to buy

Of course, if you are a small time blogger or want to start small, most of you would choose the free service of Google Sites and Blogger. Or (which is an excellent Free Host without ads, the catch being , you have to keep posting in their forums for all eternity if you want to keep your site running) FriHost is a good thing and more people should be doing stuff like what Bondings is doing over there. Astahost is a similar sevice, but I don't like the environment there.

Most other need to get a paid hosting solution, which is obviously more reliable than free ones (and is ad-free). In the end peace of mind is worth the cost.

And the Price is right

That is when you will need to look at reviews of hosting services, to know what is the best hosting plan for you. Believe you me, a review site is the most useful thing that the internet has brought us when we are shopping to get the best bargain.

Whenever I buy anything which costs some money, I always check review sites online to see what other customers have to say about the service or product.

So, if I want to buy web hosting, I would look for sites that review multiple hosts like this web hosting review site like

This particular site has compared 10 different paid hosting providers and put up the data in an easy to read tabular format. And there are no pesky advertisements anywhere to be seen in the site - so, it gets extra points from me.

Now, when I looked around the site, I found the Learning Center which would be useful for all beginners with a short and sweet FAQ section(which could have been more elaborate), and a Scams section to help you avoid falling into the sales talk of these web hosts.

Besides this there is an in-depth comparison chart with reviews of the web hosts, which would be quite useful. Same with the advanced search option which allows you to search through the specific plans which all these 10 companies provide.

The various hosting services are also ranked according to the type of site you would want to host like Blog, Business, Reseller, Windows, Linux and other categories.

Last but not least, there is an option to submit any new hosting company which you think deserves to be in the top ten hosting services list.

Overall, a good comparison and review site, though the price of and are shown as $4.95 in some laces and $3.95 in other places. Worth a visit when you need to buy a hosting service.

(This is a sponsored post. But the review is done as honestly as possible. If there are discrepancies, please comment)

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