Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nokia Point and find for Series 60 camera phones

Note: this version is an early beta, still with many known issues. New version available since 27-Mar-09.

Get Started!

Now available for the select Nokia devices in the UK and the US! Select your location below to get started.
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Enter your mobile number:

Standard/other chages may apply.
Send a link to my phone
Shop for a Nokia N95

FIND it NOW on the go!

Let's go to the movies!
Point at a movie poster and watch the trailer, read reviews and check showtimes in your neighborhood. Oh, and we can get you there with directions to the cinema, too!

Shop smart!
Scan a barcode with your camera phone to get the latest product information and read dependable reviews. And we'll show you where to find the lowest prices online.

Create a Unique Experience

Leverage Nokia Point & Find
in a fun and unique way to wow your audience with fast access to your information. Create customized brand experiences, share information, launch interactive campaigns and promotions. In a single step, connect real-world objects with links you choose to serve up information only limited by the extent of your imagination!

Use Nokia Point & Find to generate new leads, drive participation, and hit your market potential in a pioneering, new way.
Contact us or click here to learn more.

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