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High Yield quiz qestions for all major GK quiz competitionsHenry McKinney, an advertising agent for N.W. Ayer & Son, coined this word for a type of fo

Henry McKinney, an advertising agent for N.W. Ayer & Son, coined this word for a type of footwear. He named it

because of the rubber sole which made it quiet when worn. Name it.

Ans: Sneaker

In the Bible, how do we better know the ‘decalogue’?

Ans: Ten Commandments

Howard Carter was a Britisher who, in November 1922, made a famous discovery. He was later portrayed in a 1980 TV

fiction movie by Robin Ellis as well. What did he discover?

Ans: King Tut’s tomb

This word originally meant a round dance, a ring of people or a circle of pillars. It gets its present meaning

from the fact that choruses sang their songs while formed in circles or semicircles. Name it.

Ans: Carol

In Agatha Christie novels, who was Miss Marple’s writer-nephew?

Ans: Raymond Williams

Topic : explorers

What is the claim to fame of Alexander Selkirk from the island of Juan Fernandez?

Ans: Inspired Robinson Crusoe

What happened as a result of a discovery in the Bathurst Plain, Australia in 1851?

Ans: The Gold Rush

This person married a settler named Thomas Rolfe, sealing the friendship between the natives and the outsiders.


Ans: Pocahontas

This explorer once wrote to President Thomas Jefferson offering him a mammoth’s tooth that he had found in the

Andes. Who?

Ans: Humboldt

How do we better know the land of the Indians called “Father of all waters”?

Ans: Illinois

In 1535, Jacques Cartier sailed upto Hochelaga. There, a village was built at the foot of a mountain. What did he

name it?

Ans: Montreal

Who first propounded the theory of natural selection or “survival of the fittest”?

Ans: Charles Darwin

Which American President traveled with Brazilian Explorer Candido Rondon on an expedition to the South American


Ans: Theodore Roosevelt

The Spaniards called it a truffle, or “turma”, and the natives called it “toma”. What?

Ans: Potatoes

Who did the Spanish refer to as “the dragon”?

Ans: Francis Drake

In 1822, French archaeologist Champollion deciphered the meaning of these using the Rosetta Stone. What?

Ans: Hieroglyphs

What did Herodotus describe as “the gift of the Nile”?

Ans: Egypt

What is the claim to fame of Ferdinand Hayden on 1st March 1872?

Ans: Established Yellowstone National Park

Colonel Howard Bury was first to try. General Bruce was next. It was finally done by a Nepalese. What?

Ans: Climbing the Everest

What is the claim to fame of Marie Paradis, a villager from Chamonix?

Ans: First woman to ascend Mont Blanc

How do we know the ancient rocky PreCambrian platform that extends South of the Tropic of Cancer, bordered by the

sandstone and schistose formations of the Tassili?

Ans: Sahara

“The sun and the moon are the real cause of the tides”. First said by whom?

Ans: Pliny the Elder

John Hunt, Edmund Hillary and Eric Shipton collected substantial evidence of it’s existence in the Himalayas.


Ans: Yeti

For every unit of this that is recycled, enough energy is saved to run a television set for an hour and a half.


Ans: Soft drink bottles

This Portugese word at first designated pure-bred Portugese born in Goa. Later, it became a racial designation

term in India. Which word?

Ans: Caste

Topic : Trivia

Beagle 2 is scheduled to rendezvous with which planet early in the next millennium?

Ans: Mars

Name the only one astrological sign, which is not based on a living or mythological creature?

Ans: Libra

Some years ago, Benetton launched a product which had no connection to the clothing industry.What was it?

Ans: Condom

What was the nationality at birth of Mother Teresa?

Ans: Albanian

In which year did the first train run the stretch of 34Kms from Bombay to thane ?

Ans: 1853

What is the meaning of the word "Hi-Fi"?

Ans: High Fidelity

Which ancient work is known as the Vedas of the Tamil Land?

Ans: Tirukural

Who was the star of the movie `Enter the Dragon`?

Ans: Bruce Lee

Which modern state was formed from the unification of these 4 tribal provinces : Hejaz, Asir, Najd and Al Hasa?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

On the tenth day of Navratri Goddess Durga killed which demon ?

Ans: Mahishasur

Which country in ancient times was called Sri Vijaya?

Ans: Sumatra

Who are the 4th estate?

Ans: Journalists

In Hindu mythology, who was the first person to die?

Ans: Yama

Name the athlete who was called the Ebony Express?

Ans: Jesse Owens

Name the American professor, explorer and archaeologist, played by Harrison ford in 3 hit Hollywood films?

Ans: Indiana Jones

Morbi, a small town in Gujarat, has the world`s largest manufacturers of which household item?

Ans: Wall Clocks

Who is better known as Cristobal Colon?

Ans: Christopher Colombus

Who made her debut in the movie Aap Ki Seva Mein?

Ans: Lata Mangeshkar

Which famous cartoon figure, the mascot of a famous Indian corporate, was created by S.K. (Bobby) Kooka in 1938?

Ans: Air India

What is osculation?

Ans: Kissing

Topic : general knowledge

This Dutch chess grandmaster learnt to play chess at the age of six. Apart from being a professor of mathematics,

he was chess champion of the world from 1935 to 1937, after defeating the legendary chess champion, Alexander

Alekhine, in a closely played match in 1935.

Ans: Max Euwe

This Hungarian dancer and master of ballet was the inventor of the most widely used system of ballet. Who?

Ans: Rudolf von Laban

Which species of bear has a specially adapted mouth in order to enable it to feed on insect larvae?

Ans: Sloth bear

During WWII, this psychologist researched with pigeons placed in special enclosures and subjected them to “operant

conditioning” (rewards and punishments in order to teach them certain behaviours.) He used the results of his

research in other directions too – notably in the raising and instilling of creativity in his own children. Who is


Ans: B.F. Skinner

This American army officer was the chief engineer of the Panama Canal. Who?

Ans: George Washington Goethals

Which of these is a small species of wild horse, that is now extinct?

Ans: Tarpan

Which tribe of Mayan people lived in the present-day Yucatan peninsula of Mexico?

Ans: Itza

Although in his seventies, he made his acting debut in The Godfather Part II. Who is this actor, who is more

famous for his teaching of the acting “Method” based on the Russian director Konstantin Stanislavski’s teachings?

Ans: Lee Strasberg

This brilliant comedian was sometimes called “the Great Stone Face” for his habitually deadpan expressions in

films. His contribution to cinema was finally acknowledged by Hollywood in 1959 when he received an honorary

Academy Award for his “unique talents which brought immortal comedy to the screen.” Who?

Ans: Buster Keaton

Which ancient Chinese dynasty is famous for its exquisite pottery?

Ans: Ming

The Battlecreek Tasted Cornflake Company, founded 1906, is better known as?

Ans: The Kellog Company

During WWII, this term was used by the Allies to describe the four-ton bombs dropped by the R.A.F. in 1942.

Ans: Block-busters

What/whom do the Chinese refer to as “One Lee Chang Che”.

Ans: The Great Wall

In 1970, aged about nineteen, he became the youngest head-of-state when he declared himself President-for-life of

Haiti. Who is this person, who fled the country for France in 1986 following three months of civil protest against

the government’s repression?

Ans: Jean Claude Duvalier

In urgent need of a secretary, this closely-knit society admitted Rudyard Kipling as a member in 1885. Which


Ans: Freemasons

Who wears the “Fisherman’s Ring”?

Ans: The Pope

Which flower’s name is Latin for ”little sword”?

Ans: Gladiolus

Which ruler of Portugal (1495-1521 AD) sponsored Vasco da Gama’s 1498 voyage to India?

Ans: Manuel I

Which journalist and author wrote, among other things, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and other children’s stories?

Ans: Ian Fleming

This movie in the 1920s, which was a huge success, revolutionized both Warner Brothers and Hollywood, which movie?

Ans: The jazz singer

If you had a perorbital hematoma, you would have _________.

Ans: A black eye

The Arab chemist who first isolated Sulphuric acid wrote in an indecipherable code. Which word in English stems

from his name?

Ans: “Gibberish”

In the Mahabharata, from what material were Shakuni’s invincible dice made?

Ans: Sage Dadhichi’s bones

In Homer’s epic, the Odyssey, what was the “Aigyptos”.

Ans: The river Nile

What did Robert Louis Stevenson bequeath to his friend Annie Ide under the condition that if she didn’t use it

properly, it would be given to the President of the USA?

Ans: His birthday

Ludmilla Hubel, an Austrian singer and actress, was the inspiration for which fictional character?

Ans: Irene Adler

Lytta vesicatoria is an insect more familiar to us as?

Ans: Spanish Fly

“Ectoplasm!”, “Bashi-bazouks!” and “Sea-lice!” are choice invectives used by which comic character?

Ans: Captain Haddock

According to Norse mythology, what joined Asgard to Midgard?

Ans: The rainbow

Referring to a certain book, Albert Einstein said that “anyone who was not transformed by this book in youth was

not born to be a theoretical researcher.” Which book?

Ans: Euclid’s Elements

What's the common name for hydrogen hydroxide?

Ans: Water

What film about World War II won the Oscar for best picture in 1942?

Ans: Mrs. Miniver

What city dug the first subway?

Ans: London

Who was the first artist to have his work displayed in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre in Paris while still alive?

Ans: Pablo Picasso

The royal house of Russia suffered from this genetic affliction which is now known as "The Royal Disease"?

Ans: Hemophilia

What city is the capital of Alaska?

Ans: Juneau

Who flew for 43 years without a pilot's license?

Ans: Orville Wright

When you hit a home run in baseball what distance do you run to traverse all the bases?

Ans: 360 feet

Born in India, she won two Academy Awards (1940 & 1952). Who?

Ans: Vivien Leigh

Who is the only Asura to have been spared by Lord Vishnu?

Ans: Mahabali

Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a novel called “Gadsby”. What is its claim to fame?

Ans: Not a single word contained the letter ‘E’

Something silly to end with. Whose words are these: "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."

Ans: Mark Twain

This word literally means “talking to women”. Which word?

Ans: Ghazal

In Australian cricket slang, what is a 'Coughie'?

Ans: A bad umpiring decision

What is Occam’s Razor?

Ans: A rule of thumb that states that the better scientific theory is the simpler one

According to legend, the Gordian knot was an intricate knot, tied by Gordius, king of Phyrgia. Whoever cut it was

destined to rule all of Asia. Who supposedly cut it?

Ans: Alexander the Great

On whose epitaph would you find: S = k log W.

Ans: Ludwig Boltzmann

During the design stage, the length of the compact disc was changed from 60 minutes to 74 minutes at the

insistence of the head of the design team. Why?

Ans: Seventy-four minutes is the length of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Topic : General quiz

Why did Francis Bacon, who published his Advancement in Learning in English in 1605, have it republished in Latin


Ans: English was spoken and read by only a small nation. Latin was used by many nations and was the international

language of the time

Who was it that once wrote, “If all knew what others say about them there would not be four friends in the world”?

Ans: Blaise Pascal

Whose plays fall into two categories, ‘pieces noires’ and ‘pieces roses’?

Ans: Jean Anouilh

The Greeks explained the annual return of spring by the story of a rape. Who was the victim?

Ans: Persephone

Madrigals are associated with Elizabethan England, but from which language did the English borrow the word?

Ans: Italian

There are several river Avons in England. What did the name ‘Avon’ mean originally?

Ans: Water

Born in Stockholm, this famous actress first won fame in a Swedish film Gosta Berling in 1924. Who is she?

Ans: Greta Garbo

What was Paris, prince of Troy, doing when the three goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite and Athena asked him to judge

which of them was the fairest?

Ans: Tending his father’s sheep

If you were in a hummum, in all likelihood, what would you be doing?

Ans: Having a bath (hummum is the actual name for a Turkish bath)

What is the name given to the art and practice of bell ringing?

Ans: Campanology

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men were a very famous theatrical company. Who was their most famous member?

Ans: William Shakespeare

From the realms of literature and mythology: who were Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos?

Ans: The Three Fates

In 1572, who observed a nova in the constellation of Cassiopeia?

Ans: Tycho Brahe

Of the three Gorgons in Greek mythology, which was the only mortal? (This one is easy to figure out: combine logic

with myth)

Ans: Medusa

‘Arnolfini and his Wife’ is a famous painting by whom?

Ans: Jan Van Eyck

What is the mark called that fixes the maximum load line of a merchant vessel in salt water?

Ans: Plimsoll Line, named after Samuel Plimsoll, MP

Who said, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”?

Ans: Francis Bacon

Who, according to Greek myth, created Pandora, the first mortal woman?

Ans: Hephaestus

Which famous bank collapsed in England in 1890?

Ans: Barings

Why did the women of Lemnos live without men when the Argonauts arrived?

Ans: They had killed them

Topic : Trivia

Which brand of shirts does James Bond wear?

Ans: Sea islands

Which popular indoor game was originally called LEXICO?

Ans: Scramble

The first magazines of Disney were published in which language?

Ans: French

The first supersonic aircraft was launched in 1969, in a co-operative venture between two countries. Name them?

Ans: Britain and France

What has `Enquire`, a program written by Tim Berners-Lee in Geneva grown into?

Ans: World Wide Web

Who was the first man on the moon?

Ans: Neil Armstrong

Of which dance form are these various parts - Tatkar, Paltas, Thoras, Amad and Parans?

Ans: Kathak

Which word in common use now originally meant ‘Water of Life’ in gaelic?

Ans: Whiskey

Who made his debut in the film ‘Steamboat Willie’?

Ans: Mickey Mouse

Who has been an assistant director under Shyam Benegal, a carpet cleaner and a popular singer of Indipop songs?

Ans: Lucky Ali

General trivia

Quinchua was the language of which ancient civilisation?

Ans: Incas

In most shoes, which part is called an ‘aglet’?

Ans: The plastic end of the shoelaces

In fiction how do we better know Phil Fairbanks of Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

Ans: Agent 002

The ‘501 Blues’ was the original model for which famous item of clothing?

Ans: Levis jeans

‘One world, one language’ is the motto of which group of people?

Ans: Ham radio operators

In film versions of ‘Frankenstein’, the monster generally goes unnamed; but in the book, Victor Frankenstein

refers to him with a particular name only once. What is the name?

Ans: Adam

Joy and George Adamson raised a lioness called Elsa birth in 1956 till they set her free. Their story has been

portrayed in several TV series and a famous movie as well. Name the movie.

Ans: Born Free

‘Agent’ was the Allied code name for whom during WW2?

Ans: Churchill

If Indian Airlines is IA, what is PF?

Ans: Vayudoot

On May 28, 1959, Abel and Baker were shot into space from Cape Canaveral and they subsequently returned to earth.

What was so unique about them?

Ans: They were chimpanzees

What are the alcoholic ingredients of the drink ‘Cowboy’s Cocktail’?

Ans: Neat whiskey

He recorded songs like ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘I am the Greatest’ and starred as himself in movies like ‘Requiem for a

Heavyweight’. Name him.

Ans: Muhammed Ali

Name the oldest national airline in the world.

Ans: KLM

One country’s Intelligence and special Operations Bureau’s motto is "By dececption, we shall do war." Name the


Ans: Mossad

This was the opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi to commemorate a particular occasion and it was first performed in

Cairo on December 24, 1871. Name it.

Ans: Aida

He had the title Field Marshal Doctor President before his name and he has been portrayed in movies like ‘Victory

at Entebbe’ by Julius Harris and ‘Raid on Entebbe’ by Yaphet Kotto. Name him.

Ans: Idi Amin

She was the first real woman to appear on a US coin when she was depicted on a $1 coin. The portrait on the coin

is of her at the age of 48. Name her.

Ans: Susan B Anthony

Parsis squeeze the juice of this fruit into the mouth of a dying man. Which fruit?

Ans: Pomegranate

Al Brown was the pseudonym used by which famous criminal?

Ans: Al Capone

Name the first US Secretary of State.

Ans: Thomas Jefferson

Topic : General quiz

Every year, the ‘Harvard Lampoon’ confers an award on the worst supporting actress in Hollywood. Who is this award

named after?

Ans: Ava Gardner

Who was described by Nehru as ‘The Greatest Dictator in the World’?

Ans: The Viceroy of India

Which US President’s presidential campaign plane was called ‘Air Elvis’?

Ans: Bill Clinton

Name the famous multimillionaire businessman who sank with the ‘Titanic’?

Ans: John Jacob Astor

Robert Baden-Powell served in WW1 as a British spy against both Russia and Germany and in 1908 went on to form a

famous organisation. Name it.

Ans: Boy Scouts

This Oscar Hemmerstein Richard Rogers musical was based on Lynn Rigg’s book ‘Green Grow the Lilacs’ and was

originally titled ‘Away We Go’. Name it.

Ans: Oklahoma

If you are drinking from a ‘Diogenes Cup’, what are you drinking from?

Ans: The hollow of your palm

Who provided the voice for Bambi in the 1942 Disney cartoon movie of the same name?

Ans: Never been revealed

Born Betty Joan Perske, she made her movie debut at the age of 19 opposite Humphrey Bogart. She was nicknamed ‘The

Look’ and one of her 2 husbands was Jason Robards Jr. Name her.

Ans: Lauren Bacall

On August 16, 1957, Buddy Holly and the Crickets performed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. What was

unique about this performance?

Ans: First white band to perform there

Which musician uttered the following lines: “I don’t believe in randomness. I believe in random order”?

Ans: Billy Corgan (from Smashing Pumpkins)

Aphrodite Terra and Ishtar Terra are the two major landmasses on which planet?

Ans: Venus

In Greek mythology, which goddess sprang from chaos and became the mother of all things?

Ans: Gaia

Which Central Asian capital city literally means ‘Red Hero’ in the native language?

Ans: Ulan Bator

The fictional character, Humpty Dumpty, makes an appearance in which one of Lewis Carroll’s works?

Ans: Through the Looking Glass

What was the sum of the yearly rental for which the British crown leased Bombay to the East India Company?

Ans: 10 pounds

What was the ancient Greco-Roman name for Britain?

Ans: Saxon

Steven Soderbergh won the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 11 years ago, aged only 26, the youngest movie-

maker ever to win the honour. Name the movie that won him this coveted accolade.

Ans: Sex, Lies and Videotape

Which West Indian Test Cricketer was nicknamed the “Black Bradman”?

Ans: George Headley

“Sadness isn’t sadness it’s happiness in a black jacket …” Who is the purveyor of these lines?

Ans: Paul McCartney

Topic : General

Which Southern state was sold to the USA by France in 1803?

Ans: Louisiana

In Norse mythology, what name is given to the home of Gods and heroes killed in battles, which could be reached by

crossing a rainbow?

Ans: Asgard

Which 1976 Nobel Prize winner for Economics coined the phrase, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”?

Ans: Milton Friedman

What was John Lennon’s middle name? It was inspired by a British Prime Minister.

Ans: Winston

How do we better know the popular Hindi film singer M. Zoravar Chand Mathur, who died in Detroit in 1976?

Ans: Mukesh

In 1962, which film star produced and also won an Oscar for his role in the film To Kill a Mockingbird?

Ans: Gregory Peck

Which was the first work of fiction ever to appear on the New York Times Trade paperback bestseller lists, where

it remained for more than five months?

Ans: The Sword of Shannara

Which was the first capital of Pakistan?

Ans: Karachi

How do we better know the Cockney actor Maurice Micklewhite? To give you a clue, he got the idea for his new name

after watching a certain Humphrey Bogart film.

Ans: Michael Caine

Which famous poem, monumental in its scope as far as style, technique and content went, written by T.S. Eliot

opens with the lines “April is the cruellest month”?

Ans: The Wasteland

Indian musical lore is said to be derived from which of the Vedas?

Ans: Samaveda

When Hanuman leapt up at birth to eat the sun, which God stopped his progress by breaking his jaw?

Ans: Indra

In 1950, who became the first Indian player to be seeded at Wimbledon?

Ans: Dilip Bose

Why Not the Best and Keeping Faith are the biographies of which twentieth century U.S. President?

Ans: Jimmy Carter

Which Sikh guru compiled the Guru Granth Sahib in 1604 A.D.?

Ans: Guru Arjun Singh

Which British passenger vessel was sunk by a U-boat taking down over 1100 passengers, within two days of the

commencement of World War II?

Ans: Athenia

What name is given to a person who has learnt the Koran by heart?

Ans: Hafiz

What is the name of the silver salver awarded to the Ladies Singles’ winner at Wimbledon?

Ans: Venus Rosewater Dish

From which Shakespearian play did Alfred Hitchcock borrow the title for the film North by North West?

Ans: Hamlet

Name the man made fibre invented by Wallace Carruthers.

Ans: Nylon

Hammerhead, hog-nosed, slit-faced, mouse-tailed, sucker-footed are all types of what?

Ans: Bats

How was Earth defined, in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Ans: “mostly harmless”

Grigori Potemkin took the name “Rasputin”, which, in his mother tongue (Russian) means:

Ans: “Debauched one”

What was the Biblical name for the region of Saudi Arabia that includes modern-day Yemen and a region called


Ans: Sheeba

How does James Bond like his favourite Vodka Martinis?

Ans: Shaken, not stirred

Who was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall while playing poker in a saloon in the town of Deadwood in


Ans: Sherrif “Wild Bill” Hickok

What does the Campbell-Stokes recorder measure?

Ans: Sunshine

Marcelle Duchamp painted a copy of the Mona Lisa, except with a moustache! He titled it “L. H. O. O. Q.” Spell

that out quickly and it sounds like French for...?

Ans: “she has hot pants”

Henri Donat Mathieu took over Christian Dior’s fashion house after his death in 1957. We know him better as…

Ans: Yves Saint Laurent

In the movie Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, what was the futuristic villain band called?

Ans: Aerosmith

Which popular TV series is telecast in France as Aux Frontieres du Reel?

Ans: The X-Files

Redback, funnelweb, wolf, hunstman, Brown Recluse, Mouse, Ladybird, St. Andrews Cross, Cardinal and Trapdoor are

all types of...

Ans: Spiders

Which organisation founded by Arthur Griffith in 1905 translates to “we, ourselves”?

Ans: Sinn Fein

Which famous personality owns The Really Useful Company?

Ans: Andrew Lloyd Webber

What makes knuckles (and other joints) “crack”?

Ans: The sound of bubbles in the synovial fluid popping as the pressure is decreased

Discovered by Pance De Leon in 1513, it was named “shallow water” in Spanish. What is it in English?

Ans: Bahamas

In the childrens’ series Thomas the Tank Engine, who lent his voice to Thomas?

Ans: Ringo Starr

In 1940, according to the Department of Fine Arts, University of South California, who had the “most perfect body

in Hollywood”?

Ans: Ronald Reagan

The first woman golfer in recorded history was...?

Ans: Mary, Queen of Scots

How is Sildenafil Citrate better known?

Ans: Viagra


On which planet is it so cold that the atmosphere freezes and it snows methane?

Ans: Pluto

In the Oral-B brand of dental care products, what does the B in Oral-B stand for?

Ans: Brush

In the Mahabharata, who was killed with the Anjalika astra?

Ans: Karna

Which city in Sudan is at the meeting point of the Blue and the White Nile?

Ans: Khartoum

Who discovered electricity?

Ans: Benjamin Franklin

Which popular snack gets its name from the phrase 'Baked Twice'?

Ans: Biscuit

Who is the music director who acted in two movies - Bhoot Bangla and Pyaar Ka Mausam?

Ans: Rahul Dev Burman

Who wrote Jana Gana Mana - the Indian national anthem?

Ans: Tagore

Which is the largest island in the world?

Ans: Greenland

Which is the largest ocean on Earth?

Ans: Pacific Ocean
Topic : Mortal Kombat

Who is the cop in the game?

Ans: Stryker

Who developed Mortal Kombat?

Ans: Midway

Who is the hidden fighter in the game Mortal kombat3?

Ans: Smoke

What is the highest form of the fighters?

Ans: Warrior

Who is the only character in the game that can fly?

Ans: Sindel

In the final game, who is Shao Khan related to?

Ans: Raiden

Who is the “God of thunder”?

Ans: Raiden

Who was the first person to win the tournament?

Ans: Shan Sung

Who is Milena’s sister?

Ans: Kitana

Who is the main hero of the game?

Ans: Lui Kang

Topic: DJ

Which DJ was known as the Mad Stuntman in the band Real 2 Reels?

Ans: Eric Morillo

Which famous German dance producer remixed Tom Jones recently?

Ans: Mousse T

How long was the world’s longest dance party that took place at the Fireball in Delhi?

Ans: 48 hours

If a DJ is a Disc Jockey, what is an RJ?

Ans: Radio Jockey

Who is the driver in Madonna’s music video 'Music'?

Ans: Ali G

Who is the ''Queen of Miami''?

Ans: Gloria Estefan

What is the Macarena?

Ans: A dance

Drum 'n' bass originated in...

Ans: UK

Pop up lights, slipmats and cartridges are associated with...

Ans: Turntables

EP stands for...

Ans: Extended Play

Who replaced Michelle Stephenson and certainly has every reason at present to consider herself extremely


Ans: Emma Bunton

Graham Greene was once on a two year contract with MGM , and wrote for them a story in 1944 which lay in their

archives , unused and forgotten . It was recovered in 1983 , revised by Greene and published in 1985.. Which is

the novel ?

Ans: The Tenth Man

Who said of Everest that he liked to climb it because it was there?

Ans: Eric Shipton

What did Henry Ford call as the worst thing that ever struck earth?

Ans: Labour Unions

This person obtained his PhD. thesis in The life and works of John Keats and emphasised the concept of return to

childhood in a unique fashion. Who?

Ans: Harivansh Rai Bachhan

In 'North by Northwest', Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill, claims that the O in his name stands for nothing. Who

was Hitchcock spoofing through this funda?

Ans: David O. Selznick

Portions of this book appeared in England in the magazine Egoist, as it was being written, until the post office

confisticated 3 issues of it and fined the editor hundred pounds. Name the book.

Ans: Lady Chatterley's Lover

What's your real name now ? George Peters , mum . Well , try to remember it , George . Don't forget and tell me

it's Alexander before you go , and then get out saying it's George Alexander when I catch you . . Where does this

famous dialogue occur ?

Ans: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Don Juan, the proverbial heartless seducer has been celebrated by poets, dramatists and musicians like Byron,

Browning, Pushkin, Shaw and Mozart among others. Don Juan, however had a much injured wife. What is her name ?

Ans: Elvira

According to J.R.R. Tolkien, he helped slay a dragon and recovered treasure in the company of the wizard Gandalf.

Ans: Bilbo Baggins

Fagin was a well known character from Oliver Twist.He was an old Jew who made his money by training a host of 12-

13 year olds to pick pockets and cashing in on the booty. Dilip Singh once described Queen Victoria as Lady Fagin.


Ans: For having taken the Kohinoor

What is common to Abraham Lincoln , Lord Mountbatten , Jawaharlal Nehru and Giani Zail Singh ?

Ans: They are special types of hybrid roses grown only in the gardens of the Indian Parliament

Which rishi consoled the exiled Pandavas at Kamakya forest by telling them the story of Nala and Damayanti?

Ans: Vrihadaswa.

If you bought a bottle of Mescal what would you look for in the bottle as a mark of authentification?

Ans: A worm

A particular childrens drink is made with ginger Ale or 7up with a dash of Grenadine or Cherry . What is this

drink called?

Ans: Shirley Temple

If 10 to the power minus 3 is milli, what is 10 to the power minus 21 and 10 to the power minus 24?

Ans: Yacto and zepto, no one got this !!!

Which Indian newspaper claims on its masthead along with the price One paise goes to charity for every issue sold?

Ans: The Afternoon Despatch and Courier

Who is this person? B.Tech.,Chemical Engineering ,Osmania University; MBA- IIM Ahmedabad; Member of the Rohinton

Baria award winning Osmania Univ. team; Biographer for Mohammed Azharuddin; Worked for sometime at the Clarion ad

agency; researcher for Sunil Gavaskar presents on Doordarshan.Now a scribe in his own right?

Ans: Harsha Bhogle

Frank and Tony , members of Royal Statistical society and lecturers in Computational studies in Mathematics dept

in the University of West England have become household names for their mathematical proposition . Which one ?

Ans: Duckworth Lewis ratings

The name of the Kit Kat club was derived from Christopher Cat's mutton pies, and it was at his shop that its

members, poets, dramatists and essayists assembled. Who were these members?

Ans: Pope , Steele , Addison , Congreve

Which is the official advertising agency of the government of India?


Complete: Gigantic, Oceanic, _______

Ans: Titanic

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