Saturday, January 31, 2009

"This site may harm your computer" - Google says for every website

For a few minutes today, Google search returned ALL results with a tag This site may harm your computer.

This is often seen on dedicated malware spewing sites, but sometimes on normal websites when they are hacked and malicious javascipt added to the page.
For example like this one -

As one commentor on a blog said
If you actually decode the gibberish, you see that it retrieves a hidden IFRAME from user10 dot iframe dot ru. I contains HTML that loads three other IFRAMEs, one from zchxsikpgz dot biz, which doesn’t reolve, and two from statrafongon dot biz, which does. One of those some nasty looking Javascript that is definitely an exploit. (it even contains a function called “Exploit.”)

This rather Big Brother but thoughtful feature of Google was designed to use Google's status as the default browser in most computers for the good - "Don't be evil" (the Google motto)

Even the site was once tagged with the notorious label.
Well, today what happened was that practically all sites were labelled with this warning for a few minutes at leaast. Then it went back to normal just like that.

Was the entire internet hacked ? Or was Google hacked ? Or was it just a temporary glitch ?

Whatever it is, we'll probably see more about it on the net soon.

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Anonymous said...

yes, i also notice this, and infact I capture the screens in my blog here :

it start happen around 31-Jan-09, 11:00pm Malaysia time, however, after 20 minutes, this error is fixed

seems this affect the google data centres accrosss the whole world

James - A Malaysian guy

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