Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thinnovation - Why is the MacBook Air so thin ?

Why , or rather how is the MacBook Air so thin ? How can a computer fit into that space ?

Here's the real deal :

This is how it's done.
  • No CD drive
  • Thinnovation
  • A smaller Intel Core 2 duo micro processor

Amazingly thin. Amazingly full-size.

The thinness of MacBook Air is stirring. But perhaps more impressive, there’s a full-size notebook encased in the 0.16 to 0.76 inch of sleek, sturdy anodized aluminum. And at just 3.0 pounds,1 MacBook Air is more than portable — it’s with you everywhere you go.

A no-compromise display.

The glossy 13.3-inch, widescreen LED backlit MacBook Air display is the same viewable size as the screen on MacBook. The 1280-by-800 resolution gives you vibrant images and rich colors at full brightness the moment you open MacBook Air. So you get full-screen performance with all the benefits of a slim design.

Enjoy !!!

  • Keyboard 1
  • Keyboard 2
  • Keyboard 3
  • Keyboard 4
Video !!!
  • Keyboard Illumination QTVR

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