Thursday, January 03, 2008

Orkut virus removal tool - vulgar video scrap Priscilla p0rn virus

Identifying and removing the pest circulating through orkut:

Let's consider two situations:

1. Let's assume that you clicked on a link malicious, which sent for your profile orkut, from the computer in your home:

In this case it is very likely that your computer is infected and will require that you download the removal tool BankerFix before anything.

With this tool, the process of identification and removal is automatic and easy!

After you download it, follow the step-by-step:

1°. Go to the place where dropped the tool and run it

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2°. The program will offer the option of checking a new update. É recomendável que aceite. It is recommended that accepted.

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3°.If the above option is accepted, the tool will check if there is a new update.

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4°. The tool will tell you if there was any update

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5°. Now, it will be necessary for your Internet browser, is closed. If there is any antivirus program on your computer - or a firewall, for example - that blocks the implementation of the tool, disable it temporarily.

6°. Press any key to continue.

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7°. The tool will automatically search on your computer, to see if there is any pest orkut installed. Then it displays a message with the result of the verification. Read carefully, and then press any key to finalize.

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2. If you clicked on a link from any other malicious computer outside your home:

Assume that if you signed orkut elsewhere, outside your home, your computer is not infected.

In this case, you only need to access your profile orkut profile and change the password for access. Com isso, não conseguirão mais acessar o seu perfil. With this, will not be to access your profile.


1.During the installation process, the tool BankerFix creates a directory on your computer C: \ LinhaDefensiva \ Once we finalize the process of removal, you should delete it manually. Just click on the directory LinhaDefensiva and press the delete key.

2. It is almost inevitable maintain control of these pests in environments Community - the kind lan house, for example. Even if you know the person responsible for the establishment and he remove the scourge, will not prevent other people click on these links malicious. The best would you consider the possibility of preventing access to such sites. Well, the whole procedure above will by the water below after the first access to another computer that is infected.

3. We noticed that, this year, the team orkut has demonstrated a greater interest in the safety of users. Some links are previously disabled, the system, and not leave them hidden in passing sentences sent to the profiles of users.

4. Avoid clicking on suspicious links, especially if they are not expected from your friend

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