Thursday, January 03, 2008

Another virus in orkut !, the social networking community owned by orkut is being used by hackers to spread another virus which posts a "p0rn" video on your scrapbook and the following message.

Fizeram uma festinha na casa da Priscila, só que ela bebeu demais
perdeu a vergonha e tirou a roupa, ai a galera nao dispensou
tiraram muitas fotos dela e colocaram na internet.
até que ela é bonita, olha ai o novo album dela rsrs..
depois me fale o que achou..

clique na imagem para ver o slide completo

If you get a scrap like this, immediately alert the friend who scrapped you to tell all his/her friends not to click on it and that IT WAS FROM A VIRUS, not from them.

To remove the virus
Download and install this software called BankerFix

Run it and remove the virus.

Warn all your friends who might be infected.
To easily scrap all your friends use this

Orkut-Scrap many or all friends at once

remove the virus using one of the virus removal tools from the next post or the sidebar

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