Thursday, December 20, 2007

NetSuite goes public - one integrated system

One Integrated System to Manage Your Entire Business

on-demand business software suite.

NetSuite is the industry's first and only online business application that supports your entire company—from customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to Web capabilities. NetSuite is the first and only web-based application to offer everything in a single, integrated and powerful solution. Additionally, NetSuite enables you to make better, faster decisions through real-time business intelligence.

What this means is sales representatives can view the complete customer record, including support cases, billing issues and more. Warehouse managers can instantly view approved sales orders on their Dashboards, and accounting personnel are able to view support issues when calling customers to collect payments.


NetSuite business software gives growing businesses a competitive edge.

Make better decisions by giving each employee real-time information.
Use one powerful solution that’s quick to deploy, easy to use, and flexible enough to support all your business processes.
Eliminate IT costs and concerns associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications.
Increase collaboration and improve relationships with partners, customers and vendors.

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