Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lightglove - human interface device - wear under your wrist

What is the Lightglove?
The Lightglove is a new human interface device that you wear on the underside of your wrist. Light from the device (visual or infrared) scans the palm and senses wrist, hand and finger motion. This data is translated into either on-screen cursor control or key closures and in addition works as a long distance on/off switch for virtually all electronics.

Wireless operation offers cordless freedom thereby reducing the occurrence of repetitive stress aliments such as carpal tunnel. It fits like a glove made of light.

What does it look like?

Prototypes are a sleek design that has been optimized for comfort. Future models will be a large watch size that will easily tuck under the sleeve and be comfortably worn all day. Since Lightgloves are wireless, hands are free to move about unrestricted, while pointing and gaming are engaged only when needed.

What will it control?
Computers, PDAs, notebooks, telephones, gaming platforms, entertainment centers, car door locks and automotive stereo, smart house functions, kitchen appliances . . . the list grows. ATMs or other public kiosks could support walk-up Lightglove input with specially encrypted personal IDs for security and privacy. Satellite technology may facilitate remote input to your computer wherever footprint coverage is available worldwide.

Why do I need a Lightglove?
It will replace several input devices that you currently use for your computer, PDA, gaming, television and entertainment activities. You can choose your position and distance to your visual screen thereby reducing the chance for injury from repetitive strain disorders, such as, carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many other applications such as smart house controller and family communicators.

Who can use a Lightglove?
Since the lights are used to scan the palm and fingers, individuals with hand challenges due to illness or accident can navigate around the onscreen keyboard or can surf the web with renewed grace.

When using the Lightglove typing feature, the user's wrist motion pans around an onscreen keyboard and highlights the key(s). In the "Hunt and peck" mode, the key is chosen only when a finger is lowered into the beam as if "air typing". It's that easy!

Practiced touch typists may select "virtual typing" mode where the key is accepted immediately upon activation and the key closure is verified on the video monitor, just as with an old fashioned keyboard. Speed, accuracy and comfort are finally yours.

When can I see a demo?

Lightglove demonstrations may be arranged by phoning (703) 754-3032. Past demos have included NBC Connected Expo Sept 2006, Microsoft Home of the Future in Redmond, Cool Product Expo at Stanford University, Int'l CES 2004 in Las Vegas, 2004 IEEE Int'l Wearable Computing Symposium (ISWC) in Washington, DC., TechTV's "fresh gear" Aug & Sept 2003, IEEE held in Seattle Oct '02, the Digital Edge Expo in DC '01 & '02, Hammacher Schlemer 9/11/01 NYC

Is there a patent on this technology?
A U.S. patent was awarded August 1, 2000. The second patent was awarded in June 04 and has been filed internationally. A third patent was issued in October 04.

When can I get a Lightglove?
Unfortunately ETA for Lightgloves has been pushed back until resources are available for manufacturing. We are offering license agreements to companies that will build the Lightglove device. Stay tuned to this website for future availability updates.

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