Friday, April 06, 2007

stimon.exe - Virus or hoax

> From: President George W. Bush

> Email:
> Located in Windows\System folder

> Status: Dangerous

> STIMON.EXE: This program is a tool of terrorism that is installed to turn
> Americans into members of AlQuada using subliminal messaging. These
> messages are delivered to the computer user via screen pixel manipulation
> and also adds audio overlay tracks into all commonly used system
> audification sounds. The object is to brainwash Americans into supporting
> world terrorism and backing the Iraq government to destroy the United
> States of America. God Bless America

> If this file is commonly found in all versions of Microsoft Windows from
> Win95 to XP. If you find STIMON.EXE on your hard drive, remove it
> immediately.

This is a hoax. If you delete stimon.exe you may disable your

Stimon.exe enables a USB still-image device (such as a scanner) to
initiate data transfer to a program. For example, if your scanning device
has a scan button, it may start a program and begin scanning when you
press it. Create a shortcut and start it manually when needed if your
scanner otherwise fails to scan. May be required for your USB scanner to
work - including all HP scanners and some of their SCSI scanners

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