Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easy Self Publishing My Own Book -

Had a book in you that wanted to come out ? Even got as far as typing it out, but didn't know how to get a publisher ? Not sure about how many copies to print ?

Well, the answer is right here - Self Publishing (doesn't sound very dramatic, I know - but it'll have to do till I get a better name)

Just go to and unleash the writer in you !
Just upload your manuscript to LuLu and let them handle the publishing part of it.

From what I understand, they don't mind if your book is difficult to sell - it can sell less or sell more.
But LuLu prints out copies and sends it to those who want to buy it.

No more worrying about how many copies to print - no more paying the publisher in advance ( LuLu takes a commission of 25% of your royalty charges ( and printing costs) )

The customers buy your books from LuLu - they pay LuLu.

And everyone is Happy !!!!

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