Saturday, March 24, 2007 didn't shut down - no fair !!!

That's interesting ! didn't shut down today !

Not a good example to set for the 80,000 + people who said they'd shut down their computers.

It's a good thing didn't shut down either. Or I wouldn't be able to sit here commenting on what a shame it is that website didn't shut down !

"Practice what you preach", said somebody (who, I don't know - but somebody did). And the very website which started this campaign of shutting down other people's computers by a strange and complex manipulation of crowd mentality to supress the opinion of the individual and produce a peer pressure to act according to what the general public conciousness thinks is, let me say - quite interesting.
( I know the previous sentence is too long to be making any sense, but let me say the essense of what I mean is - mind control)

Yes, a massive attempt at world domination by controlling the minds of millions and millions of people (the world has more than 6 billion people right ?) to make them switch off their computers against their normal choices and thus take over the world !

So - mind control it is. The internet is like the matrix - all these humans plugged into the system and noone knows what is real.

What is real ?

If real is defined as the webpages coming through your browser with information you can choose to trust or not, as emails full of junk and spam telling you to provide your bank account number and credit card info, or messages coming across and IM, or files though FTP, then real is just electrical impulses passing through miles and kilometres of wires, optic fibre cables, even thin air.

They could be just fake - absolutely fake information. Spam emails from hackers and crackers. IM bots trying to chat you up - you can never be sure what the virtual reality is ...

Back to the shutdown day thingie ...

What do they say ?

Just popped out to the real world. Back in **** minutes.

Help make the next Shutdown Day even bigger !

Well, atleast they say it's for a good cause.
We've teamed up with the National Laptop Foundation, a new
non-profit organisation launching on World Earth Day, to help underprivileged
children, the elderly and schools and doctors in third world countries have
access to the internet, by recycling & refurbishing old unwanted &
broken computers. We want to raise $100,000 to help this cause and to start work
on the next Shutdown Day and organise events in cities around the world. Please
help be a part of this.

U decide. I'm not a part of this !

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