Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hasta la Vista Baby ! Windows Vista - Big brother !

The NSA (the USA National Security Agency) worked with MicroSoft to build Vista

if you think they didn't add some kind of privacy- destroying, email tracking, watching behind your shoulder and tracking your every move on Earth kind of stuff to it to keep tabs on you then you're definitely INSANE. (I guess they don't trtack insane people anyway)

There is an option in the browser ( Internet Explorer , what else- use Firefox - just download from this page itself and install - try Mozilla Firefox - U'll like it) for Advanced AdBlock etc, which runs through MS severs.

What does this mean?


A) When you visit a webpage it has to be allowed to appear by MicroSoft, so you're double redirecting for EVERY web page you visit.

B) MS knows EXACTLY which sites you're going to at all times.


The indexing system which was supposed to be one of the major assets to vista runs CONSTANTLY rather than just indexing once and adding index values as they become a part of your system.

This is a MAJOR reason why vista slows down and hogs an INSANE (they track normal people using insane software) amount of system resources.

Do your research. Google NSA Vista, VISTA indexing, VISTA holes.

Like I said, it's all up to personal taste but thank you very much I will stick with my streamlined XP SP2.


Good luck getting all of your drivers/devices/programs to work on vista.


This is not me speaking (except the crazy comments) - just something interesting I found

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