Saturday, March 31, 2007

Google OS ? Yahoo browser ? Operating system - just bots really ?

Did the Google operating system finally come into being ? Was it made to compete with the Microsoft's Vista OS ? Did Yahoo also make an operating system ? And browsers !!! (Ok - browsers I can believe)

Making a complete operating system to compete with Windows XP and even Vista ( and who knows - even with Mac Os X and Linux) was one of the rumours going around the Google gossip stream. And this image from a visitor statistics tool suddenly made me think they were already out. In the frenzied moment of panic (?), I realized that these were just the bots- Googlebot and Yahoobot (Inktomi bot, I guess)

So, is the Google OS really out there ? Is it coming ? Well, I guess we'll all be waiting ...

Google is taking over the Earth and we know it. We know that the Google OS will come. The Google browser first, then the Yahoo browser, finally the OS.
Hey, is Google gonna buy Firefox ? That'll make it a Google browser , would it not ?

We'll just wait and see ....

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