Monday, March 12, 2007

Cricket questions !

live streaming video cricket world cup theme

With the opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket world cup over, people have many questions about cricket. Here are a few questions and answers, some of them wrong ; some right.

Where can I see live webcast of ICC cricket world cup matches ? Can somebody provide list of links ?
ICC Cricket World Cup 2007
Watch Live Video Streaming of all matches. Alongwith Interactive Highlights, On-Demand Produced Highlights and Replays, Mobile Ball-By-Ball updates and much more. Watch from ANY location (home or work) in high quality streaming video, on our fully redundant high-capacity network.

Live International Cricket Internet Telecast - India, England, Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and South Africa all teams shown online.
Watch your favorite Indian channels right now. Do you have High Speed Internet connection? then you are all set to go. Just stream it right away!

Want SMS updates or IM (Yahoo Messenger) cricket updates ?
Live Flash Cricket Center : Animation of the Cricket Match (LIVE) !!!

The biggest playground which is being used in the icc cricket world cup 2007 (and its seating capacity) ?

Kensington Oval, Barbados
Hosted its first Test in 1929-30 and first ODI in 1984-85
Capacity: 32,000

Who is going to win ICC Cricket World Cup for 2k7 ?

A very nice question, but answering it is impossible !
Let's see what one cool Indian says
India have everything and more
The team of 2007 is very steady.
Factors helping India -
The best indian team going for the World Cup after the 1983 Presidential Cup. India has found good openers in Ganguly and Uthappa, with Sehwag in there too. Yuvraj, Dravid, Dhoni and Tendulkar steady the middle order to form one of the best middle order batting. Lower middle order of Kumble, Harbhajan, Zaheer can hit a few runs too.
As on bowling - Zaheer and Sreesanth/Munaf Patel will be opening and are not as bad. Kumble, Harbhajan and Sachin - Sehwag can bowl many spin overs between them. That leaves one guy extra. He can be employed as a strike bowler - Irfan/Sreesanth or Dinesh Kaarthick as the 11th guy. Irfan can bat as well.

It is a very powerful batting line-up, and make take a beating on their bowling lineup.
Quality Fielders are in plenty - Yuvraj, Uthappa, Sachin, Kaarthick. Fielders like Munaf Patel will have to be hided on the field.
There are all winning chances for India. India will reach the semi-finals for sure.

India have enjoyed a great run in previous world cups as well.
In 1979 we were almost through to semis. In 1983 we won the cup. In 1987 we were in the semis. In 1996 we were in semis (because of indian crowd, match given to Sri Lankans). In 1999 we beat Pakistan (who earlier beat Australia). Then in 2003 we reached the finals.

Somethings which India need to work on to improve for the World Cup 2007 in the Caribbean -
Every Indian Player Has To Think About The Country Not Individual.
Play As A Team
Making of Master Game plan before every match
Play Mind games With Every Team
Good Net Practice Before Every Match
Relaxation Techniques
Good Fielding
Players Should Be Absolutely Fit Before Every Match

What is the theme for the ICC WorldCup Cricket Championship 2007?
'The Game of Love & Unity'

More Questions ?
Ask them as comments !

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