Saturday, March 24, 2007

Boycott Global Shutdown Day !

boycott shutdown day don't shutdown

Dennis Bystrov and Michael Taylor from

wanted to see how many people could go without computers for a day. And shut down their computers - finda alternative uses for their laptops (believe me - somebody wants to play basketball with their laptop - there's a video of it on youtube !)

See what a dude in Engadget has to say about shutdown day - that is today !

Hold on there, big guy. You want us to STOP using computers for a day? How about
we all decide to hold our breath for 24 hours, too? Yeah, that's right, we're
not giving up our gadgets for anyone. We know that some day our computers will
kill us (either by rising up against us or by getting us so sucked into a six
day-long WoW marathon that we forget to eat), but hey, you gotta die from
something right? At least we'll go out knowing we spent every waking moment
indoors doing something worthwhile like reading RSS feeds and downloading porn.
Those are truly the hallmarks of a life well-spent, wouldn't you agree? Anyway,
we're going to show the Blame Computers First crowd what's what and use our
computers TWICE as much on March 24th -- even if that means grabbing two
machines and then typing with our fingers and toes at the same time.

A few suggestions from the middle path :

(not my suggestions - just some that I found interesting. I don't endorse any view expressed here)

  • How about we meet halfway and put our computers on standby for 12 hours ?
  • If they have my favourite band playing that Saturday, I would support this initiative with my friends in the club and in the bar afterwards.Wait... I still need computer to buy tickets, print out directions and... nevermind
  • I don't see anything wrong with this. It's on a Saturday, so unless you're working you really have no reason not to at least give a halfhearted attempt to participate.Unless you live in some craphole like New York where there's nothing to do that isn't computer related.
  • I think we should all support this to our friends and relatives.And queue a LOAD of torrents the night before because that's going to be a good day for downloads.
  • Let's just kill off all our hospital patients who rely on monitoring and life support through computers as well.
  • I realize it's a Saturday and all, but do they just expect businesses to just come to a screeching halt or something? "I'm sorry, I can't check our inventory right now, I'm participting in Shutdown Day! Try back on Monday.""Oh, no, I can't take a credit card today. The company that validates them has decided to turn off all of their computers for a day."
  • so.... does my moto Q count or even an xbox360/PS3... cause those are nearly computers. so many items are in a grey area these days as to what they are, so how do you classify a computer anymore?

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