Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blogger's Clog - Writers block

What do you call it when a blogger stops posting for a long time ? Just like writers' block, may you want to call it Blogger's Clog ?

Why does it happen ? Do thoughts become clogged up in the blogger's mind ? Does it really matter ?

Is it possible to just run out of ideas ? To try to post something after exams are over and find that you don't have anything to say ?

To type one line that is not a question ?

1 comment:

TorAa said...

In between you wake up in the morning and go to bed when you feel for it, something happens, just before your eyes. The same breafast, or something new, cold or hot water in the shower, trafic, jam or not, did something crazy happen, how was in the shop today, something special, a detail you never saw or thought about before. Somebody behavied crazy or very traditionally or typic.

Just sitting here. dark outside, having a cup of hot chockolade and a crispie bread with some cheese. The cats eating some dryfood (guess I can hear them). Outside, some snow and 11 C below cero. better stay inside. Do some blogging, post some photos. then read a book 'til I'm in dreamland.

Good Luck;-))

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