Monday, October 02, 2006

The Magic Tap


Have you seen a magic tap earlier ?

One that seems to perpetually give water from itself even though it is not connected to any water pipe ?

Take a close look at the picture. It is not a camera trick. Or a computer trick.

Speaking of computer tricks, nowadays, with a good photo editing software (By the way, Google has a good photo organizing software called Picassa, it is there somewhere on my blog sidebar - good to fix up the colurs and brightness and contrast and stuff on photos - automatically too) you can make any sort of unbelievable picture.

Now, about the magic tap, this picture is of a big tap in the middle of a traffic island on the road. I have seen one in a science museum (in Bangalore) which is a normal size tap and I wondered for quite some time how it was done.

The water tap seems to be pouring out water continuously. But where is the water coming from ? There is no other connection to the tap which can carry water. And in the museum tap , the tap was hanging by thin ropes. So that was not a way to let in water either.

But before you go on to theories of spontaneous generation, look at what can be seen . . .

What ? A single place through which water flows. Hmmm ... Heard of co axial tubes or wires ?

Well, that is when one tube is placed inside another. So, if a tube containing water going up is placed inside the stream of water going down, the problem is solved !

So that's how it works. The trick was right in front of our eyes, but didn't see it in the beginning . The eyes do not see waht the mind does not know . . .


Anonymous said...


sometimes common-sense gives the simplest way out. You might have heard about NASA zero-gravity pen project ;)

adarsh said...

hehehe.. after carefully looking at the picture.. i could make out ..

Anonymous said...

hmmm,i think i have an idea..

its amazing,though! :)

its been a while John!Hows it goin?

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