Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why should we walk on the right side of a path ?

What I'm talking about here is NOT why we should walk on the right path - what I try to explain here is why it is a better idea to walk on the right side of a road or street in a country like India. Rather than on the left.

The explanation is like this. In India, the vehicles have to go on the left side of the road - one of the customs the Britishers left behind for us when they finally let go of their prized empire.

Also, people have to walk on the road in many places because there is no space left for any footpath. Even if there was a footpath, it would be broken down with no slabs left. That is really dangerous because the footpaths are actually slabs covering the roadside drains - and there have been several instances of people falling into the drains through the missing footpaths.

Now, even if there was a good footpath, roadside hawkers and illegal shops would be set up there and there would be no space left for pedestrians . . .

So finally, the point is - U have to walk on the road - u have no choice.

And now that we are on the path - which side of it should we walk on ?

Now - take the left side . . . What if we walk on the left side ?

Imagine a speeding car - no, no noise (seen the latest car ads - these cars make no noise at all ) - Which way does it come if you are on the left side ?

From behind ! A silent speeding car may come up from behind and hit you ! And there will be nothing left of you ! Surely u don't want that to happen !

So which side is left ? The right side . So imagine u are walking on the right side. A silent speeding car comes. Which side ?

From in front of u ! U can see the car from afar and there is enough time left to jump to your right into safety.

So that is why u should be on the right side of the path .


ghee said...

its like our life,huh?too complicating,LOL!

I could imagine that scene in Manila.People are everywhere.They cross the street even if there s no any pedestrian lanes.And the line doesnt matter,they go left or right through your vehicle.

so,i think i shud be in the right side..of my own path.

thanx John!

Rolly said...
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Rolly said...

hello to you

sirisha said...

its interesting..

sirisha said...

i think ur right..it walk on the right side of the road..it is true literally and tecnically..i think u did a gr8 job there john..

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